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Trimester 2 Week 5
Hey everyone and welcome back to the latest edition of the AccSoc Ledger. This week, we’ll be recapping our successful Accounting Avenues event as well as giving you all the details to our upcoming flagship Careers Fair. We’ve also scouted around for some fantastic job opportunities at Mirvac and POP Tax and a low-down on the recent rate cuts for everyone to scoop out.

Good luck for midsems and we’ll see you on the other side!

- Nina, Marketing Subcom 🧞‍♀️

Upcoming Events
Careers Fair
What’s the best way to know where you want to go career-wise and what job opportunities are available to you? Be informed about the industry and learn about employers and their experiences at our Career’s Fair! 

Regardless of whether you’re a first-year unsure about committing to an accounting major or a final-year student exploring your graduate options, this is a fantastic chance to network with industry leaders who bring a wealth of experience to the table. This year, we will be featuring some of the biggest names in the field - find out more through the Facebook event page!

In addition to all the corporate bread, there will be a LinkedIn Photoshoot and CV screening station for personalised advice!

Event Details
Date: Tuesday 9th of July
Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm
Location: Leighton Hall
Attire: Smart Casual

Check out our Facebook event
Register Here
Vieple Video Competition

Interested in testing your communication skills and gaining the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from some of Industry’s most experienced leaders? We have just the thing for you!

AccSoc has partnered with UNSW Business Society and UNSW GSA to host a business-school-wide tournament where you put your interviewing skills to the test in a 3 round tournament style competition. The winner of the competition will receive an exclusive placement with a mystery company, to be revealed soon.

Participants will be tasked to submit a video interview answering the most-asked and relevant questions from employers today. Participants will then slowly be eliminated in each round until the final round, where the five best participants will conduct a live interview in front of a panel of experienced industry leaders.

Register now
Career Opportunities
This is a 12 week full-time Summer Internship at the office based in Sydney CBD. At the completion of the summer program, a review meeting will be conducted, and you may be offered the opportunity to continue within your team in a tailorable working structure (Full time, Part-Time or Casual throughout 2020 and beyond).

DEADLINE: Friday 12th July 2019
              Apply here!
POP Tax is a young CA firm which has developed an online tax lodgement platform superior to seeing an accountant. The role will be attending to the preparation and lodgement of individual tax returns. The job will be preparing individual tax returns and assisting clients who are using the platform who may have tax-related questions.

DEADLINE: Sunday 14th July 2019
               Apply here!
Industry News
On Tuesday, the RBA, headed by governor Phillip Lowe, continued the lowering of interest rates, dropping the cash rate a further 0.25% to a historic low of 1%. This comes in response to two increasingly pressuring issues to the economy: weak growth and high unemployment.

Although 42,000 jobs were introduced in May, Australia’s unemployment level remains at 5.2 percent. This is attributed to the astonishing 66 percent of adults currently working or seeking for work right now.

Most importantly, Australia’s economy is dwindling, a major factor for stagnant unemployment in the last year. Last quarter, GDP growth fell to 2 percent, the lowest since the immediate aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. 

In adopting this expansionary stance in monetary policy, the RBA hopes to get Australia back on track to “full-employment”, which it deems to be at 4.5 percent - a level which will limit inflationary pressures on wage prices. Scott Morrisson has followed this up with intentions to cut tax rates to stimulate spending and activity in the economy.
Read the RBA media release
Tip of the Week
Since midsems are here, stay on top of your study with these helpful tips!

Past papers
  • Make sure you leave yourself enough time to do past papers! Even if you’ve caught up and learned all the content, doing past papers will give you an insight towards how hard the exam will be, and what questions will be asked.
  • Time yourself when you do papers so you get a feel of how long you get per question.
Remove distractions
  • Your phone is the biggest distraction there is - put your phone in another room.
  • If you are studying in a group, avoid sitting next to friends if you know they will distract you!
Take breaks
  • Go outside for a walk.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you’re looking at your laptop screen for hours and hours, make sure to give your eyes a break.
Recap of Accounting Avenues
Thanks to everyone who came along to Accounting Avenues and we hope that you learned something about the career pathway you’re interested in or discovered which field you want to pursue. We believe that this has settled some concerns with the inevitable and notorious ‘major-picking-dilemma’, and whether or not you will pursue accounting, AccSoc will forever support you and our events will always be relevant to you. 
Quiz Answers from Ledger 3
1. $45 - charge $5 for each letter
2. Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, Two of Spades
3. “You will hang me.”
4. A hole
5. Pencil
6. Silence

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