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Trimester 3 Week 8

Hi everyone, welcome back to another issue of our weekly newsletters. I hope you are all enjoying your week, and are starting to get ready for the upcoming final exams! Make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Revision Workshops and Mock Exams, which will be happening in Week 11!

As always, with finals, assignments and other deadlines soon approaching, we wish everyone the best of luck and to keep hustling! 

- Jeming, Marketing Subcom 🤠

BCG Associate Opportunity
BCG is looking for Associates to join their Australian offices in 2020, 2021 and beyond! If you are interested in working alongside some of the world’s top minds on projects that reshape business, government, and society, apply now! 
Send your application here!
Career Opportunities

Business Internship in Chamber of Commerce and Industry

If you want to gain experience in working in the Trade and Investment sector, apply for a Business Internship in Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Deadline: Soon!

Apply here


Readygrad Accounting Internship

Readygrad’s Accounting internship opportunity is designed for graduates trying to enter this industry. It is also a great way to network with professionals and learn how to apply your skills in the workplace.

Deadline: 30th Nov 2019

Apply here

As always we have some career opportunities for everyone to apply to. Check them out on the AccSoc careers board. 

Note* If the careers board isn't loading on your computer check your URL to see if your browser is blocking the list. Press unblock and you should be able to see the career board with no problem.

AccSoc Careers Board

How To Catch Zs Properly

As uni and life becomes increasingly stressful, it’s more important than ever to take the time to rest and recharge over a good night’s sleep. Here are AccSoc’s top tips on maintaining the sleep hygiene you need to stay in tip-top shape mentally and physically.

Train yourself to associate bed with sleep
We get it, your bed is where you lounge and snack, catch up on Youtube videos and check all social media. However in doing this, the association of your bed as being a sleep haven weakens and alongside the artificial light produced by screens, sleep becomes harder and harder to attain. So, next time, make the sofa your place to browse Netflix and turn off all devices before settling into bed.

Sleep only when you’re actually tired
Sleep only when you need to. If you’re having trouble sleeping, regulate your breathing pattern according to the popular 4-7-8 method: breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. But if you’re still finding it hard to fall asleep after 20 mins, get out of bed and into another room to read, stretch or listen to music until you become tired enough to sleep. 

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule
Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day sets the body’s "internal clock" to expect sleep at a certain time every night. Create a routine that your body recognises to wind down such as light stretches, meditation or light reading. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule is one of the best ways to practise good sleep hygiene.
Introducing: AccSoc BLOG!
Our first blog post is an interview with an AccSoc Alumni: Jonathon! 

Based on his plethora of experience and achievements from uni and work life, Jonathon has many tips and tricks about recruitment processes and insights about how to make the most out of YOUR uni experience! 
Check out our BLOG now!!

We know that UNSW is a bit of a trek for most of you and sometimes you get sick of sitting in the same spot drinking the same coffee so with finals coming up and everyone on their grind, here are some study spots around Sydney you can visit!

  1. If you’re in North Sydney, The Roots Cafe is a great place to study with both indoor and outdoor seating and their delicious homemade banana bread.
  2. If you wanna get a whiff of fresh air, sit and eat some acai bowls watching the waves roll by, visit Bondi Organic Cafe.
  3. MCA Cafe located at the Museum of Contemporary Art boasts a legendary rooftop terrace showcasing the iconic views to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge with a lunch menu that won’t disappoint. 
  4. Orto Trading Co in Surry Hills is located just around the Corner from Central station, so if you’re waiting for the 891and decide, “nah”, then head over to Orto Trading Co and kickback with a latte, smoothie, or even an espresso martini if you want. 
  5. Three Williams is located in Redfern and boasts a rustic warehouse feel thanks to the exposed brick and ample table space. Their menu is seasonal, so you know that whatever you order is the freshest of the fresh. Also, all-day breakfast perhaps?
Recap: MYOB Workshop

Thanks to everyone who came along to upskill themselves and it was great to see students wanting to increase their employability and aspiring entrepreneurs prepare to ‘mind their own business’ in the future.

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