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Trimester 1 STUVAC

Welcome back to our final newsletter for T1! It has been an unusual term with all that’s happened and hopefully T2 will see a return to normalcy so that we can meet you all in person. Regardless, the AccSoc team hopes you’re all doing well and prepared for your upcoming exams, and if you’re not… then you’d better get to studying!

     - Andrew, Marketing Subcommittee 💾

Event Recap: T1 Revision Workshops

A quick thank you to everyone who attended our accounting revision workshops in the past week! A big thank you to the School of Accounting who did an amazing job running through some of the harder concepts in our courses and answering our biggest questions. We wish you all the best in your final exams!

Career Opportunities

Proctor and Gamble: 
Finance and Accounting Internship

 Are you passionate about crunching the numbers to drive strategy? An internship in P&G's Finance function presents a unique opportunity to obtain insights into the world of finance through a fast-moving consumer goods company. You'll benefit from the experience of dealing with evolving channels, competition, and customers' reality, which make working in a consumer good's business dynamic every single day!

Deadline: 22 May 2020

Apply Here

Citibank :
Citi Virtual Banking Program

Are you interested in exploring a career with a global bank? Do you want to solve challenging financial problems within a top tier team? Citibank is committed to giving you every opportunity to learn and develop. As a part of that, they have designed this Virtual Internship to help you build the skills and confidence to pursue a career with them! This program will give you a taste for some of the challenging problems that Citibank tackle each day!

Deadline: 29 May 2020

As always we have some career opportunities for everyone to apply to. Check them out on the AccSoc careers board. 

Note* If the careers board isn't loading on your computer check your URL to see if your browser is blocking the list. Press unblock and you should be able to see the career board with no problem.

AccSoc Careers Board
The News: The impact of COVID-19 on Sydney's population growth

The impact of COVID-19 is set to take a toll on Sydney’s population growth, with projections that there would be 200,000 fewer people migrating or living in Sydney as anticipated. As immigration has been brought to a halt and birth rates likely to dip, Sydney’s population would ‘push backwards’ temporarily. Further implications of dipping population growth include reconsiderations on new housing projects and transport projects, such as WestConnex, which have been considered as key drivers of economic growth.

Meet The Team
Jennifer Shu - Human Resources Director

Favourite way to relax?
Going for brunch - yum!

Where is the most interesting place you've been?
Nara! It's such a unique experience and the deer are so cute <3

Why did you join AccSoc?
I joined AccSoc because I heard many great things about the society, and wanted to be surrounded by more career driven individuals as I was approaching my 2nd year. During my time in Accsoc so far, I've met so many like-minded friends who not only are super fun to be around, but will always help out in any way possible. I can say without a doubt, being a part of such a team has been one of the best experiences in university!

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