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Trimester 2 Week 7

Welcome back to the AccSoc Ledger! Hopefully you had a productive flexibility week and took the opportunity to catch up on any lectures. It’s also important to take a breather and re-energise yourself to survive the rest of the term, so go grab a cup of tea/coffee, get comfortable and check out this week’s quality content!
Best of luck for your midsems!

- Annie, Marketing Subcommittee 🙉

UNSW AccSoc Presents: Insights Into Interns

There is no better place to understand the day to day of an intern’s role and their journey in landing these awesome opportunities than this workshop! AccSoc is hosting a packed panel of amazing interns who will give you the inside scoop and answer your burning questions, so be sure to come along!

Register Here
Event Details
  • Date: Thursday 16 July 2020
  • Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm
  • Location: Online
Check out the FB event
Career Opportunities

Accounting & Finance Graduate Program

This Graduate Program consists of 2 x 6 month and 1 x 12 months rotations to help you develop key skills and take you out of your comfort zone. You will work on projects depending on your line of work, and will be encouraged to operate outside your discipline.

Deadline: 3 August 2020

Apply Here

 2021 Industry Based Learning Programme - Business Operations

This 12-month full time, paid work experience is an opportunity to work for a global healthcare company. Within Business Operations, there are 4 roles to choose from where you can shape your own development and discover a career with purpose.

Deadline: 9 August 2020

Apply Here

As always we have some career opportunities for everyone to apply to. Check them out on the AccSoc careers board. 

Note* If the careers board isn't loading on your computer check your URL to see if your browser is blocking the list. Press unblock and you should be able to see the career board with no problem.

AccSoc Careers Board
The News: Management of Non-financial Risk in a Post COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has brought numerous hurdles to the business industry over the past couple of months. Amongst these, an increase in health and safety concerns, information security threats and other non-financial risks have posed new challenges for businesses in monitoring and managing risk. It seems that considerable structural, strategic and tactical changes are required if organisations are to effectively approach the task of non-financial risk management.

Meet The Team
Zac Richmond - Vice President (Operations)
If you could have any profession, what would it be?
I would have to say that I would choose to be a software developer, a SMART goal that I have been working towards for the past few years.

Favourite song/genre of music?
I enjoy music from all different genres, but if I had to narrow it down it would have to be Rap/Hip-hop.

Why you joined AccSoc?
My first experience with AccSoc was when I applied myself as an O-Week volunteer for the society. This came about after having an unfulfilling first year at uni, feeling as though I had failed to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and grow as an individual. This experience as a volunteer allowed me to meet some wonderful people who were a part of a society, who had the same ambitions as myself, and who encouraged me to challenge myself further and join the team as a subcommittee member. Ever since, my time in AccSoc as subcom, director and now VPO, has been an amazing experience to say the least. Reflecting back, I can proudly say that my involvement in AccSoc has enabled me to achieve the personal growth that I was after, all whilst making so many enjoyable memories and friendships along the way.
Event recap: Mid-Term Revision Workshops

A massive thank you to everyone who attended our Mid-Term Revision Workshops and a massive shout out to the School of Accounting for making it all possible by supplying amazing tutors! We hope that you got something out of these workshops and are ready to conquer your Mid-Terms, best of luck to everyone!

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