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Dear UNSW Accounting Society Members,

This is the official notice regarding the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The details of the event will be as follows:
Date: Thursday 7th October 2021
Time: 6PM - 8PM
Location: Online (Zoom) -

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting will include the following:
1. Introduction
2. President’s report
3. VPA’s report
4. Executive nominations, speeches and voting
5. Announcement of the 2022 Executive Team
6. Acknowledgement of Outgoing Executives
7. General business and business without notice 
8. Conclusion

For the election, the following positions for 2022 are up for nomination:
1. President
2. Vice-President (Internal)
3. Vice-President (External)
4. Vice-President (Operations)
5. Vice-President (Administration)
The 2021 Accounting Society Constitution can be found here with the role descriptions:
If you are interested in running for any of the above positions, please fill out the following nomination form by 4PM Wednesday 6th October:

Voting Eligibility: 
  • All full members of UNSW Accounting Society are entitled to vote and/or participate as a candidate.
  • Candidates and voters must ensure they are currently registered UNSW Accounting Society members by joining through the SpArc portal.
  • Proxy voting will be available (see below for more information).
Proxy Voting:
What is proxy voting? A proxy vote is a vote that may be cast by a person on behalf of a member of the society who is unable to attend the meeting in person.
How to cast a proxy vote?
Members who cannot attend the meeting have two options:
  1. Elect a person who will be attending the meeting in person to vote on your behalf by filling out the Proxy Statement; OR
  2. Instead of electing someone, fill out the Proxy Ballot which contains all issues to be voted on.

The Proxy Statement and Proxy Ballot will be sent in a separate email approximately 24hrs before the AGM. For both options, you must submit the form by 5PM Thursday 7th October.

If you have any further questions regarding the AGM, please reach out to us at
Kind regards,
The 2021 AccSoc Executive Team

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