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Reality in advertising: Uber's advertising campaign. Can't see any problem here, can you? Good luck in tuning your car radio in to this, though. /via @bostonradio
If I had a dollar for every person who'd sent me that Radio Garden website, I'd be able to buy a nice foamy pint of beer. But how interesting to spot people sharing it on Facebook - as Sean Ross says in his review on, shared by many people outside the world of radio. User interface for radio (and for radio content) really is everything, as I've been saying for a while. It's not enough to simply chuck up a list of radio stations and expect people to tune in and discover it; they need new ways of navigating over 30,000 radio streams. I'm not sure Radio Garden is that new interface, but it's a clever and relatively simple idea. Good for them to make a radio tuning interface become one of the most shared websites I've seen this week.

Meanwhile, radio stations across Australia have - finally - undertaken significant brand consolidation. Now, everyone - advertisers and listeners alike - know what the "Hit" and "Triple M" brand stand for; instead of a bunch of random letters and numbers that mean the world to some people but are utterly incomprehensible to others. The UK and New Zealand achieved this many years ago. Perhaps it's time for the US to get there soon.
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  • The Online Radio Awards - in case you missed them, here are the winners. Some great people here. Notable that the definition of 'radio' here isn't just limited to live, linear broadcasts, but also podcasting, which seems sensible. Congrats to Mixcloud who organised this.
  • And not wanting to give any spoilers or anything, but: "Online London station Soho Radio named best in the world" might give something away.
  • Fear of too many alerts holds back news apps (and probably apps in general, I'd suggest). Also, people actively dislike clickbait headlines. Probably doesn't stop them clicking them, though. In other news: this guy once worked for the BBC, but you'll never guess what happened next
  • A very old blog post of mine about gender equality in radio, and radio conferences. Lovely, and almost staggering, to see the comments. Nobody ever comments on websites these days, do they? It's all hidden away on Facebook posts. I wonder if there's a way to extract those comments into one place?
  • From 1990, and gloriously old-fashioned-looking: the BBC Guide To Acoustic Practice (aka how to build studios from an architectural standpoint)
  • Where Podcasts Go Wrong – and ten ways to fix them. Some great tips in here. Some people on my Twitter feed have railed against being given 'rules' for podcasting; these really aren't those, but some interesting tips that are worthwhile reading, even if you decide they're not for you



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A world of experience in Digital Radio
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