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ATHS This Week in Telehealth Number 6 - 4th July 2013
SFT-13 Conference Update
Keynote Speaker Announced;
Dr Ed Brown, the founder and CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network. The OTN is a large, longstanding and well integrated telehealth network, and Ed Brown has won numerous awards for his work in telemedicine, as well as being a most interesting and persuasive speaker on the topic.
Would you like to run a workshop at the conference? If you have a concept or would like to run a workshop at SFT-13, contact Stephanie Iovannella at

Call for Abstracts Closes July 8th !!!!!!!!! Sharpen those pencils! Burn the midnight oil! Only a few days to go now. The conference team are eagerly awaiting your abstract. Of course, they expect a big rush at the last minute, but why not be ahead of the trend? Click here to submit your abstract:
Conference Dinner to be at the Brisbane City Hall, King George Square. This newly refurbished venue promises to be a gala event.
Book into SFT-13 now. Note that ATHS members get a $50 discount on registration.

 Online Education Modules in Telehealth
Adelaide Unicare has put up four online education modules that are freely available to anyone wishing to learn about telehealth. They cover four areas; introduction to telehealth, the evidence for telehealth, using telehealth, and cyber-security. The modules are short and illustrated with video clips. See at
News from the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH)

ISfTeH is expressing serious concern about potential misuse of the newly opened up .health domain, as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is taking bids for management of this top level domain. The aim is to try and keep this domain as a trusted resource for health that is consistent with global public health objectives.
Branko Celler calls for Bold Telehealth Plan
See Branko’s article in the Australian, where he points out that we must mobilise telehealth to manage chronic disease in the community, and that very little policy work has been done at the government level. He is issuing a call to action and points to a large pilot project recently commenced at CSIRO.

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