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ATHS This Week in Telehealth Number 14- 5th February 2014
Welcome to 2014
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Telehealth or Telemedicine - What’s in a Name?
I am often asked which terminology is correct: telehealth or telemedicine? In the USA and the UK, telemedicine is the most used term, but in Australia, we frequently call our field “telehealth. There is a historical reason for this: returning to the ancient times of 1997 (Over 15 years ago! Some of us even remember back that far!) the Health On Line Report to the House of Representatives recommended that the standard term be “telehealth” because they thought this was more inclusive, encompassing all types of clinical services, not only those provided by medical practitioners. Practically speaking the two terms are used interchangeably, but if you have strong feelings one way or the other, drop me a line.

Free Poster Opportunity at HISA Telehealth Conference
The Health Informatics Society of Australia is having a poster project section at its telehealth conference in Melbourne on the 19th and 20th March. The aim is to have a free showcase of telehealth projects, giving a snapshot of what’s happening to an interested audience, and encouraging networking with colleagues. For more information, go to: This conference also features presentations on models of shared care, rural and remote telehealth, telehealthcare and mhealth, and ATHS is one of the organisations associated with this event.

Academic Telehealth Service to go Commercial
The Centre for Online Health and the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Queensland are building a system called RES-e-CARE which will be set up as a virtual private practice and offered to aged care facilities to provide regular video consultations in geriatrics and other medical specialties.
From the academic literature – it’s all about the process.
An occasional TWIT feature on recent publications of interest. See these two articles about how the success of telehealth services depends on getting the process and model of care right: Integration of a mobile-integrated therapy with electronic health records: lessons learned and Workflow, time and patient satisfaction from the perspectives of home monitoring Two quite different settings and clinical disciplines, but both saying the same thing.
Amusing Corner
What would it be like if we ran our real life like a teleconference? See this video for a very funny and sadly accurate parody. Maybe some lessons on how not to do a telehealth consultation too …
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