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ATHS This Week in Telehealth Number 10 4th October 2013

There is lots of news around at present about m-health applications:
AMA Concerned About Mobile Health Apps
In the latest MJA InSight at health apps for smartphones are described as a “health gamble” and “fraught with traps”. Cate Swannell points out that “
FDA Statement about M-Health Regulation
The FDA in the USA said that it will focus on regulating mobile health apps that have the greatest risk of harming patients; in particular those that are used to transform a generic device such as a smartphone or tablet, into a device that would presently be regulated, such as an ECG monitor. See more at:
App Crap?
Doctors are only just getting used to patients accessing information from health websites, and are gradually beginning to “prescribe” evidence-based websites, but what are they going to when patients come in with mobile apps for review? See this blog for more about m-health apps at 

Telehealth Job Vacancy
The Florey Neuroscience Institute in Melbourne is looking for a Senior Program Manager in Stroke Telemedicine. See at:

New Zealand Aims for Integrated National Telehealth Service
The NZ government is preparing a tender for a national telehealth service which includes smartphone apps, email, web and text message capability. The proposed model includes a 24/7 call and triage centre, based on Scotland’s NHS 24 service. See at:
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Amusing Corner
How to Skype your GP - A Handy Guide
I laughed my socks off at this set of Q&As from The Guardian, and have taken the liberty of making an Australian version of Q&A 4.
Is the consultation fully confidential? Yes, online consultations are strictly between you, your doctor, ASIO, DSD, your Telco, the doctor’s Telco, your ISP, the doctor’s ISP and the NSA. See the rest of the guide at:

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