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ATHS This Week in Telehealth Number 13: December 12th 2013

The Christmas TWIT
Is it my imagination or has this been a particularly intense and busy year? Well done to all for keeping on paddling whilst still looking serene! Happy holidays; the TWIT will take a seasonal acation and reappear in mid-January.

 SFT-13 Presentations Now Available
The presentations from Successes and Failures in Telehealth are now available from this website:
Also, here is a link to the best papers report:
The TWIT editor’s picks are:
Dr Andrew Jeremijenko: ‘The TeleDr Collapse’. Beginning with ‘I have not failed, I have merely found 10,000 ways that do not work’, this most honest presentation detailed the ways in which his telehealth business did not make it over the hump into sustainable operations.
Dr Ed Brown International Keynote: ‘The Ontario Telemedicine Network’. Ed gave us an illuminating presentation of a telehealth service operating in very similar conditions to Australia (if the temperature was lowered by about 100 degrees), but with a single collaborating centralised service.
Prof Branko Celler: Design of a Clinical Trial of Home Telemonitoring. In particular, this trial is notable for looking at the change management processes in a great deal of detail.
Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare – Special Issue
Check out more presentations from SFT-13 in this special issue of the JTT, covering a wide variety of telehealth applications in emergency medicine, psychotherapy, paediatrics, ENT, dermatology and more.
American Telemedicine Association Conference 2014
Dr Ed Brown is currently President of the ATA and he invited us to their annual conference in Baltimore 18-20 May 2014. They are only expecting about 6,000 people or so!
Rural Doctors Leading Telehealth in Australia
The ACRRM President, Prof Richard Murray, spoke at the recent Health Workforce Australia conference in Adelaide, about how rural doctors are leading the way in telehealth. See a summary of his talk here:
Consumers’ Use of Mobile Health Apps Limited
After a great deal of talk about mobile health apps, have a look at this report, which says that consumers’ use of them is still really very limited. Always useful to have some research to balance the hype. Two of the major barriers were that about 90% of the apps had poor functionality, and also older people with chronic diseases who could benefit the most had the lowest use of smart phones.

Annual Membership Renewal
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Wishing you all a safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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