ATHS This Week in Telehealth Number 24 October 2014
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SFT-14 Conference News
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Queensland Parliamentary Enquiry into Telehealth: Results Released

The results of this enquiry were really very interesting. In summary, they said that the use of telehealth remains low; it should be increased, and there needs to be a more deliberate approach to planning implementation.

Recommendations include:
  • Improve interconnectivity from the Queensland health network to clinicians’ personal devices;
  • Improve public awareness of telehealth;
  • The Department of Health should put greater emphasis on clinician engagement and change management for the future development of telehealth (I certainly agree with this one! – Ed.);
  • Add telehealth performance targets for senior executives in the Department.
Click here for further information.
Telehealth Provider Directory Improved
ACRRM (The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine) has improved its telehealth provider directory, which now lists 1,200 clinicians by specialty and includes the locations they visit. There is also a new service: the ability to find a telehealth mentor, i.e. a clinician who will make themselves available to support others to implement telehealth in their practice. ACRRM now has 22 listed telehealth mentors. Register here  today to access these new features.
Another Cool Infographic About Telehealth
International consumer survey results about telehealth awareness summarised in graphical form.  Click here to view.
Telehealth Success in Rural New Zealand
A multifaceted telehealth project from a rural general practice in New Zealand to remote areas, including digital patient devices, has been very successful, reported Dr Lance O’Sullivan in a keynote address at Waikato University. Click here to view the article.   
New Telehealth Law in California
Why is this interesting? The term ‘telemedicine’ has been replaced by ‘telehealth’, because it is broader. Note that we made this decision in Australia about 15 years ago. Also verbal or written consent now needs to only be given once, not for every episode of telehealth. Another step towards normalisation. Click here to view further information.
From our Corporate Members

Tunstall reports on the Staying Strong project, which was funded by the Australian Government under the NBN pilot programs, to deliver telehealth home monitoring to 120 older Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people across New South Wales and Queensland. The project found that the participants were confident in using the Tunstall myclinic telehealth solution, which includes a touchscreen tablet with vital sign peripherals. There was a notable increase in awareness and self-management, plus an increase in timely and accurate diagnosis. The project is now proceeding to a mainstream rollout through funding from the Commonwealth HACC Program. More information from:
Nexus eCare is our newest corporate member.  Welcome!
Nexus eCare provides a multi-level platform for care coordination and home telehealth, and operates across the ditch as well as in Oz. Nexus eCare is excited to report that it has just signed a deal with HHL Pty Ltd, a large healthcare provider in New Zealand, to conduct a joint venture into China.

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