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Usually I like to have more pictures,

but I'm going to be a little wordy this summer. I spent a week at the farm at World's End, and it was the first time I kept a bound sketchbook in as long as I can remember. Usually I use loose paper, because it is less scary to make mistakes (I can always throw them away, right?), but it was much more convenient to use a bound book following the animals around and drawing the various buildings on the farm. I guess convenience wins out over vanity (in my case anyway!).

I am not actually interested in talking about convenience (or vanity!) in this newsletter, but I seem to be a little meandering...I want to talk about business. World's End Farm is the base for the florist (and soap!) company Saipua. It's really a team effort, but it's headed up by Sarah. Sarah has been a florist for many years and I've always been inspired by her beautiful work....actually I've been inspired by the photographs she takes of her work, because I don't think I've seen any of it in person before this week at the farm. Her business has really changed over the last few years, turning away from wedding work and focusing on what they are doing on the farm instead. 

I ended up spending this week at the farm because I sent Sarah many (many) of my drawings of flowers and such because...because...because I like to send things to people I admire or whose work I am interested in. That sounds kind of lame when I write it down, but I can't think of any other way to put it. I've read Sarah's blog over the years and when it slowed down (I assume because she was busy) I wanted to reach out and talk to her like I felt when I read her online writing. 

Somehow I'm still not getting to the business part of this conversation!
I struggle, sometimes, with having a "business" where making money is the measuring stick of it's success. I did a project years ago where I sold vintage clothes and accessories on Etsy with only illustrations (no photographs), and while I didn't really make much money, it was such a joyful and fulfilling way to sell stuff. Not just because it was illustration work and I love to draw, but because it disrupted the way people buy stuff and sort of startled them out of their regular path.
At World's End last month, I was tasked with drawing a map during my stay, and, to be honest, I've only ever drawn a map with my daughter when I was trying to teach her about getting around our neighborhood and understanding the place we live. Working on this map at the farm, I was quite startled out of my regular way of doing things, and it reminded me of why I have a "business" after all....
So we do still sell stuff, so we can make and share the things we think are important, but we also want to make and share things that take you, our clients, our customers, our audience & our friends, out of your regular way of doing things. And that feels exciting.

I hope to keep writing to you more this summer, I think it's the closest I can get to putting my drawings in the mail for you. 

xx kim

BELOW LEFT: Coins & Stars linen/cotton fabric BELOW MIDDLE: Brushes wallpaper in the Milk on Manila color way BELOW RIGHT: Birds at the Pond in the Evening color way
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