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Nottingham Hackspace

A spooky Nottingham Hackspace tale!

Many years ago, on a dark and stormy night, a Hackspace member stayed late, working on their masterpiece.

It was complete! It was beautiful! It was a masterpiece of electronics and woodworking and lasercutting and textiles and small bits of safely milled metal! It gleamed under the fluorescent lights. It sparkled as the lightning struck outside. It was perfect.

The member was so delighted that they ran out of the space, forgetting to clean up the sawdust, the metal shavings, the soldering, the fabric pieces, the glitter, the glue, and all the pieces that made up their masterpiece.

A loose pipe cleaner got under their feet as they made their way down the stairs! They crashed down, their masterpiece destroyed under their flailing limbs, their bones broken, their body ruined.

They still haunt the space, trying to warn everyone who leaves a tool messy, who never cleans up, who forgets to take care of the space. "Don't be like meeeeeeeee...." you can hear them whisper late at night, when you're the only person in the space. "Cleeeeeaaaaannnnn..."

Congratulations to our new trustee!

5Daniel Swann is our new Hackspace trustee, replacing James Fowkes, who stepped down.

You can meet him and congratulate him most Wednesdays, where he's busy in the Blue Room working on HMS and Hackspace network infrastructure.

Our next big Hackspace election will be in May, and we'll have more details as the date grows closer.

Take our survey!

Nottingham Hackspace and the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green are considering a potential partnership that could benefit both of our organisations. More details of this partnership will be coming in the new few months, but in the meantime, we'd like to get some information about creative people living in the Nottingham area, especially those that are starting (or thinking of starting) a new business.

Take our survey now.

Quiet times in the space!

Rollo Academy, the dance studio on the floor above us, will be having exams on the following dates:

  • Sunday, 11th October
  • Sunday, 8th November
  • Sunday, 13th December

During these days, we respectfully ask that all members refrain from making loud noises during the day, as this can interrupt the students' exams upstairs.

Join us at Derby Mini Maker Faire!

We'll be at Derby Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, 24 October. It runs from 10am until 5pm, and we'd love to see you there!

We'll have plenty of space to show off your projects and we'll need volunteers, so if you want to join in, email events@nottinghack.org.uk.

Comics Making Group

Thursday, 8 October, 7pm - 9pm

Do you like to doodle? Make up stories? Read comics? Nottingham Hackspace Comics Making group is monthly session for comics chat and creation! You don't have to be great at drawing or writing to come along, just love comics!

Stitch and Bitch

Tuesday, 20 October, 6pm onwards

Do you knit? Crochet? Weave? Spin? Nålebinding? Embroidery? Kumihimo? Anything to do with stitching? Every third Tuesday, from approximately 6pm onwards, we’ll be in the comfy area getting our stitch on.

Retro Computing Group

Thursday, 16 October, 7:30pm - 10pm

The Retro Computing group meet on the third Thursday of the month and fire up old computers from a bygone era. From the time of Manic Miner, Elite, Granny's Garden and many more.

Meetings are very informal with no agenda. Some of us just chat about the machines. Others work on repairs or modifications. Occasionally we have a theme but usually it's bring what you like. It doesn't even have to work. September saw Apple, Amiga and Jupiter machines show up. We even had a retro Pong game on a Arduino.

October's meeting will be on the 16th from around 7:30.

A bit of advance notice... November's meeting will have a theme of "Portables" so dust of your Osborne 1, Kaypro, Amstrad PPCs or anything else you can carry and come and join us. We may even go down the pub and compute like 1980s' YUPPIES.

Don't Forget!

Remember these important dates at your local hackspace!

Member's Meeting
Wednesday, 7th October, 8pm-9pm

Hack the Space Day
Sunday, 1 November, from midday.

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