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Nottingham Hackspace

Hack yourself some cool breezes at the space!

We know it's hot.  We know the space gets hot. But what better place to repair your fans, sew yourself a giant muumuu, or enjoy a cold drink with friends?

So grab yourself a paper fan, some Club-Mate, maybe a bit of deodorant, and come hang out at the space! We have a 555 Timer workshop coming up, some great groups meeting up, and don't forget the crapathon!

Emergency Election Information

Dominic Morrow has made the decision to stand down from the Trustees. We will be holding a new election to elect a new Trustee who will fill the remainder of Dominic's term, until May 2016.

Are you interested in becoming a trustee? If so, send your nomination to trustees@nottinghack.org.uk by 23:59 on Sunday 19th July, including your full legal name, a photo of yourself and a paragraph on why you want to be a trustee. These will be made public on the wiki until the election closes on the Sunday 2nd August at 23:59. The election voting will start on the Sunday 26th July at 00:00 and run for 7 days.

You can see information about our current trustees on the Board Wiki Page. We'd like to see as many members as possible applying to be trustees, and applications from women and minorities are especially encouraged.

'Trustee' may sound like an intimidating title, but it's a job many of us have done in our spare time since Nottingham Hackspace began. You'll be part of a group deeply involved in decision making and setting strategy for the space.

We are also looking for a returning officer to set up and handle the OPA vote system for the election - if you are interested in volunteering, please email trustees@nottinghack.org.uk by 23:59 on Sunday 19th July.

Banking Update!

All members should have now received an email direct from the trustees on transferring their standing order to the new bank. If you haven't seen it, please check your spam folder or, in Gmail, your "Promotions" tab.

The deadline for moving your payment is 1st October 2015. After this any members who are not paying into the new bank account will be disabled. If you can't find your details, please contact trustees@nottinghack.org.uk.

Club-Mate is back!

The Snackspace team is pleased to announce the return of Club-Mate to the space!

We've established a relationship with a local supplier thanks to one of our members, and it's stored in the boxes next to the vending.

There are several cold bottles in the Snackspace fridge, and you can buy them for £1.50 each using slot F2 in the vending machine (via RFID or cash).

It's the hacker's drink of choice!

Learn how to use a 555 Timer

James Fowkes will be running a 555 Timer workshop on Thursday, 16th July, from 6.30pm - 9.30pm.

This workshop will teach you the basics of the 555 Timer, a very useful and popular chip. You'll learn how the 555 Timer operates, and how different circuits affect how it behaves, as well as learning about analog components such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes, and digital components.

You'll build circuits on a breadboard, a solderless way to prototype circuits, and measure voltages with multimeters and oscilloscopes in this all-around introduction to electronics.

The workshop is only £5, which will be paid in cash on the evening. To ensure a spot on this popular workshop, you can book on the event's Eventbrite page. Spaces are limited, so please book now!

Geodesic domes for everyone!

The hackspace is currently having a pledge drive to get our very own Geodesic Dome.

Along with supporting the Kickstarter, we're doing a two-part pledge - the first part to get the connectors and other pieces, the second part to get the wood and covering needed.

Great for events like EMF Camp, we're hoping to have our own awesome dome ready to go for EMF Camp 2016 - and if you're interested, join in!

Join the Nottingslack Crapathon on the 4th of July!

In the fine tradition of Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon held in both New York and San Francisco, Nottingham Hackspace brings you the Nottingslack Crapathon!

Crapathon takes place on Saturday, 4th July, starting roughly at 12:00.

CREATE… Problems that no one actually has!
DESIGN… Impossible solutions that can never be made!
INVENT… New machines and programs that break as soon as you look at them!
BUILD… Half-assed projects out of duct tape and string!

Why spend your weekend making something that could actually be profitable and helpful? Why volunteer for an underfunded charity, help out in your community, or even just clean your house? THERE’S CRAP TO BE MADE!

Find out more on our website.

Comics Making Group

Thursday, 16th July, 7pm - 9pm

Do you like to doodle? Make up stories? Read comics? Nottingham Hackspace Comics Making group is monthly session for comics chat and creation! You don't have to be great at drawing or writing to come along, just love comics!

Stitch and Bitch

Tuesday, 21st July, 6pm onwards

Do you knit? Crochet? Weave? Spin? Nålebinding? Embroidery? Kumihimo? Anything to do with stitching? Every third Tuesday, from approximately 6pm onwards, we’ll be in the comfy area getting our stitch on.

Retro Computing Group

Thursday, 16th July, 7pm - 10pm

Bring along your oldest and most beloved machines, games and programs for a monthly evening dedicated to breathing new life into old computers, sharing tales of storage media past and working out how to complete Jet Set Willy.

Don't Forget!

Remember these important dates at your local hackspace!

Member's Meeting
Wednesday, 1st July, 8pm-9pm

Hack the Space Day
Sunday, 5th July, from midday.

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