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Just because the summer's all wet, doesn't mean you have to be!

Yeah, it's a British summer. It's cold, it's wet, and when the sun does come out, there's barely enough time to put on sunscreen before you get burnt.

But if you're not too busy playing with the Pot Noodle vending machine, you can always come to the Hackspace!

Welcome our new trustee!

Congratulations to Adam Froggatt, our new trustee!

He'll be responsible for keeping the space running and making sure members are supported as well as they can be.

If you have any questions for the trustees, get in touch with them at trustees@nottinghack.org.uk!

Plenty of storage available!

If you're a Hackspace member, you will have received an email telling you about the renovations done to the Members' Storage Area and Large Project Storage.

We now have room for 100 members' boxes, which means more of you can have a 35L box filled with the things you need to regularly get to, projects you're working on, and stuff you just want to keep around.

If you'd like a storage box, come in on a Wednesday night and talk to one of the Membership team. Pay your £5, pick out your box, and stick your name on it!

You might also notice that a lot of the sheet materials - such as plywood, foam, and perspex - has been moved from Large Project Storage. These are all now in the new Materials Rack in the Workshop. If your Do Not Hack sticker was on it, then it's still on there, just in a slightly different location.

If you had something on Large Project Storage, but didn't have a Do Not Hack sticker on it, you have until 4th of November to label it and move it. Otherwise, it goes straight into donations and then out to the tip.

Flush for charity!

James Fowkes and Matt Little, in conjunction with Water For People, have been working on a Latrine Logger, a way to record the number of flushes in a toilet without being too obtrusive or annoying for the person using it.

The prototype has been now installed in the far left toilet stall in the Hackspace toilets, and James and Matt need your help to debug!

If you use the far left toilet, please add a tick to the tally list next to the toilet roll holder. This way, they can match up how many flushes the logger records with how many are recorded, and work out how to align the logger for precision recording.

If you want to know more about the Latrine Logger, see the Nottinghack Wiki page or the GitHub repository.

And if you want to know what the flashing lights mean:

Green flashing - Everything's OK
Green on - Flush detected
Red short flash - No SD card
Red long flash - Low battery

Come meet Ragworm and talk PCBs!

Do you like PCBs? Do you like making PCBs? Do you like ordering PCBs?

Ragworm, a PCB prototyping company, is coming to the Nottingham Hackspace as part of their UK tour. If you want to talk about manufacturing, PCBs, electronics, show off your neat electronic projects, or just generally show off what a hackspace does, you can meet them on Wednesday, 26th August.

Jewellery Making Workshop!

Betty Ching will be running another fantastic wire jewellery workshop, showing you how to use wire wrapping to make pendants, earrings, and other jewellery.

This workshop will be on Sunday, 23 August, from 3pm until 5pm, and will include all materials plus use of tools for just £28.

To sign up for this workshop, email info@bettyching.co.uk to arrange payment.

Prototype for the future!

On Friday, 11 September, Becky and Lori, Hackspace members, and other artists and explorers, will be running an "And Beyond Institute for Future Research" prototyping workshop at the hackspace.

This is part of the bigger "Into The Future" event, exploring space travel, science fiction, and questions of who gets to imagine the future.

In the workshop, we'll be working on objects for and from the future, as you have imagined it. This is the culmination of a six-month project worked on with artist Sonya Dyer at Primary.

Space is extremely limited, open to the public with only a maximum of 10 people (including facilitators), and Becky will be providing more details shortly on the Google Group.

Join us at these events!

We're hitting all the hot spots in September and October, and we'll need you to help us!

If you have great projects to show off, want to tell everyone about how awesome the hackspace is, or could run a workshop, you can do so at the following events:

Sunday, 6 September - Nottingham Green Festival
Saturday & Sunday, 19-20 September - National Space Centre Creator Fair
Saturday, 24 October - Derby Mini Maker Faire

Check the Google Group for more information!

Comics Making Group

Thursday, 13 August, 7pm - 9pm

Do you like to doodle? Make up stories? Read comics? Nottingham Hackspace Comics Making group is monthly session for comics chat and creation! You don't have to be great at drawing or writing to come along, just love comics!

Stitch and Bitch

Tuesday, 18 August, 6pm onwards

Do you knit? Crochet? Weave? Spin? Nålebinding? Embroidery? Kumihimo? Anything to do with stitching? Every third Tuesday, from approximately 6pm onwards, we’ll be in the comfy area getting our stitch on.

Retro Computing Group

Thursday, 20 August, 7pm - 10pm

Bring along your oldest and most beloved machines, games and programs for a monthly evening dedicated to breathing new life into old computers, sharing tales of storage media past and working out how to complete Jet Set Willy.

Don't Forget!

Remember these important dates at your local hackspace!

Member's Meeting
Wednesday, 5th August, 8pm-9pm - Agenda

Hack the Space Day
Sunday, 6 September, from midday.

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