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Hi everyone!

Tis the season... for Festivus! In this month's newsletter, we celebrate the 'Festivus for the rest of us', look back at a great year of hacking, and let you know about a couple of great hacker projects and workshops you can get involved with!

It's a Festivus Miracle!

On the evening of the 20th December, we will be holding our fourth annual Festivus Party. Please do come along and bring friends and family. 

As is traditional, the Hackspace will be properly decorated with a bare aluminium pole (and nothing more).

The evening will begin at 7pm with a screening of the Seinfeld episode "The Strike", a perfect introduction to the Festivus celebration for the uninitiated.

EAT: We will have a "pot-luck" Festivus Dinner... the more you bring the more there will be to eat. We invite you to wow us with your interesting and delicious festive dishes so please bring some food to share! 

DRINK: There will be a barrel of real ale from the Magpie Brewery (for which we usually have a pledge drive) and Kate's amazing Festivus Punch! You are also of course invited to bring a bottle of something along to share there will be plenty of non-intoxicating fayre on offer too!
AND BE JERRY: We may have live music from the Hackspace Time Band or Ukulele Orchestra (please do join in) or perhaps from Kate or Doc Little's collection of tunes as well as the traditional Festivus activities which include: 

THE AIRING OF GRIEVANCES in which will be detailed how you have all disappointed the host over the year.

THE FEATS OF STRENGTH will be the traditional bout of NINJA though of course it'll only be over once the host has challenged one of the guests to wrestle.

During the Festivus celebration, the workshop tools will be off limits to revellers.


Ten great things that happened this year!

It's the end of the year - how did you get on with your New Year's Resolutions?

Here are just some of the awesome things that happened at the space this year!

1. New laser cutter!
Have you used the laser cutter?  Isn't it amazing?  And isn't it great that members joined together to get it?  A record speed for collecting the funding, and some fantastic new technology brought into the space to make booking, paying, and organising the laser so much better.

The laser cutter is definitely one of the highest points of the Hackspace this year.

2. Non-stop Arduino Action!
Did you get to go on one of our Arduino workshops?  Wasn't it great how quickly they sold out and the amazing things people have done with their Arduinos?  We'll be having more in the new year, so keep an eye out on this newsletter for the latest info!

3. BarBot!
We love it when a plan comes together! Even better when this plan involves alcohol!  Thanks to the entire BarBot team, we had a hit project that really showed off the amazing things we can do as a group.  And we're still impressing people with it!

4. 3D Printers!
Thanks to Pat and Chris, we got the space's RepRap machine running nice and neat, ready to print out your 3D objects.  And we held a successful pledge drive for an Ultimaker, meaning that we'll have two 3D printers in the space - one for fast and easy plastic printing, and the other for exploring what can be created with a 3D printer.  Look forward to that in the new year!

5. Maker Faire!
We were at the 2014 UK Maker Faire in Newcastle, and we had a fantastic time! Whether showing off knitting projects, floppy drive orchestras, old telephone dialers, or some edgy cross-stitch, we had loads of people show up and get interested in everything Nottingham Hackspace had to offer.  Thank you to our volunteers for making this a fantastic event, and we'll see you next year!

6. EMF Camp!
We also had a fantastic time at EMF Camp this year, and were the hit of the party with Barbot, Toby's fogger, and Matt's pedal-powered party machine! You couldn't move for the amount of people delighted by our marquee, and we want to thank everyone who went and showed off that Nottingham Hackspace spirit, with an extra special thanks to Vicky for loaning her marquees, Sophie for doing all the cooking, and Mouse and Toby for driving and loading the van full of Hackspace equipment.

7. New groups for new fun!
Along with our regular Monday acoustic jam session and Friday bad movie nights, did you know we have a photography group, a comics making group, a ukulele group, a space balloon group, and a stitch & bitch group?  We're making the space into a place where you can come in every night and find something neat to do!

8. Leicester Creator Fair and Derby Mini Maker Faire!
We always make sure to be a part of any East Midlands maker mayhem, and we had a wonderful time at the Leicester Creator Fair and the Derby Mini Maker Faire. Expect us at both next year, and thank you to everyone who volunteered their time!

9. Hackspace parties!
We always have fun at the space, but even more fun when it's time for a Hackspace party!  Along with our annual Open Day post-event party, our Hack-o-ween party, and Festivus (20 December!), we had a kickass Barbot party as well.  With snacks, drinks, and nerdy delights, a Hackspace party is always fun!

10. Redoing the Hackspace!
If you haven't been into the space in the past year, you're going to have a hard time finding things! We moved the laser cutter and the consumables shelving, cleared out and reorganised the craft room, built in a nice electronics bench, completed the metalworking area, and bought nice new tables for the studio.  Plus, we have a plan in place for completely redoing the comfy area, as well as reflooring the comfy area and the studio, so expect that in the new year!

"Blinky Grid" Scrolling Badge workshop

Matt Little will be hosting this fantastic festive workshop on the 16th December 2014 from 19:30 to 22:30.

This is a hands-on workshop to create a pretty darn cool scrolling LED display. Its just in time for Xmas messages and easily re-programmable for future use. It's programmable via light (!) via a simple web interface.

Its a surface mount kit from Edinburgh Hacklab and based upon this kit by Wayne and Layne.

Its a great way of learning to solder surface mount components and get something great at the end!

There will be quite a bit of soldering, so the time taken to build it might be a bit variable, and Matt will be on hand to guide you through the workshop.

This workshop is £12.95 including all parts, instruction and booking fee.

Book online now!

Sketch Crawl Notts!

Inspired by the Urban Sketchers movement, Hackspace member Claire Goodey has set up a monthly sketch crawl. The group meets somewhere in the city but will be moving further afield when the weather improves. They meet on the last weekend of the month for around 3-4 hours to sketch. There are usually three 'stops' and where the group can sit around drawing and chatting and then all gather at the end for a drink and to see what each other have created and general niceness! Find out more on their Facebook group!

This Month's Groups!

We have regular groups that meet up to focus on a particular skills - so if you want to pick up something new, check out these! All our group sessions are open to non-members, but make sure you check their details on the calendar and their individual pages in case of cancellations or changes!

Arduino Evenings!

Our next Arduino Evenings is on 11th of December, where you can work on your projects, get advice, see new ideas, and just generally enjoy playing with the Arduino boards.

Stitch and Bitch!

Bring your knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, cross-stitch, embroidery, nalbinding, kumihimo, rope-making, for an evening of crafty fun in the comfy area. Next session is on the 16th December from 7pm.

Retro Computing Fun!

Our Retro Computing group is really taking off!  With Amigas, Spectrums, and Macintoshes everywhere, their next meeting is Thursday, 18th December. Find out more on our site!

Comics Making Group!

Our next meet is on Thursday, 11th December, from 7pm. This is aimed at anyone interested in making comics, from writing to drawing. You don’t need to be able to draw to come to this workshop, stick figures are welcome! Join in on the discussion at our Facebook group!

Special Notices

Rollo Dance Academy exams

This year's last examination day for the dancing Academy upstairs is on Sunday 21st December from 9.30 - 3.30pm.

Please avoid any unnecessary loud noise, including machinery and banging on that day.

Power Off!

We have been informed by our landlords that there will be no power across the whole building for 2-3 hours on the morning of the 7th December from 9am.
As this will affect safety and access controls, the space will be closed for that morning. We will ensure that power is back on as soon as possible, and will inform members via the google group.

Don't Forget!

Remember these important dates at your local hackspace!

Member's Meeting
Wednesday, 3rd December, 8pm-9pm
See the agenda!

Cleaning Tuesday
9 December, 7pm onwards

Want to help out at the space? Join us at these events!

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