What do your shoes say about you? Is your T-shirt edible? Find out these answers and more with Ride To Learn!
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Feature: Ride To Learn Adventure Learning Program

Woo hooo! ... Flip your classroom with Adventure Learning, engage youth with meaningful lessons, and participate in a global citizen project! 

Ride To Learn includes a collaborative online environment with educative materials that are thought-provoking, learner-driven, and humanely actionable. With Ride To Learn students can develop their creative and critical thinking skills by solving real-world challenges through the authentic experiences of a real-life expedition. The expedition, World By Cycle, explores the environmental and social impacts of everyday things with a bicycle circumnavigation around the world! In each geographical region explorers investigate an item while the education team develop related multimedia lesson plans and resources for classroom use.  


Ride To Learn is endorsed by UNESCO and works with numerous global leaders in environmental and social justice, education, and technology to create outstanding resources and classroom activities. Big thanks to our partners, TakingITGlobal, The Institute for Humane Education, Learning Technologies Media Lab and iTunes U, who have enabled Ride To Learn's vision of transforming teaching and learning with current participation from fourteen countries. 


We know you're busy - so we doubly appreciate the time you gave to this newsletter! Updates will roll out monthly featuring a school, classroom tool, and expedition highlight. If you are as excited as we are about the Ride To Learn program, please visit our Supporters Page or Contact Us to learn how you can contribute and add value to the program's development. We are Not-For-Profit and 100% independent - so all help big and small is appreciated. 

Time to ride on and with global collaboration and curiosity support the development of the next generation of Solutionaries!

Ride To Learn video

Classroom Demonstration
Click the above picture to journey into the online classroom with Kristina and Nic and discover the awesome potential to engage and inspire students around the world with Adventure Learning. 

Funding a Global Adventure

A Global Adventure
Many ask - How do we fund a global expedition and education program? Secrets are revealed in this competition submition video (click the above photo). Like it?
Vote before August 30th!

Virtual School visits

Expedition Feature
Rahat Zholdoshalieva

I’m super excited about the Central Asian unit!Coming from Kyrgyzstan I have a unique advantage in preparing the activities for this region, where we will be exploring materials in the textile industry - including edible ones that create everyday clothes. Join me in the discussions as we follow the expedition live!

Rahat Zholdoshalieva - Edible T-Shirts

Christina Galego

Connecting and learning with the explorers is what really excites me! So, it was great to coordinate a virtual conference with Nic and Kristina while they were in Italy with the grade seven class of Appleby College in Toronto. Read the students' insightful questions on the blog and contact us to book a conference with your class.

Ride To Learn Module 2

Classroom Feature
Sunniva Vann

I’ve had an enormous amount of fun collaborating with our education team, stakeholders in sustainable and fashion industries, and locals turned friends from many countries to design the module Shoes and Sustainability. I hope that facilitating the activities will be as enriching and inspiring as it was creating them!

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