Core Education, LLC | October 2016 Issue Brief | America’s Teacher Pipeline
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October Issue Brief: America’s Teacher Pipeline

To build a world-class educational system, America needs outstanding teachers. But how do we entice exceptional candidates into the teaching pipeline and recruit them in the states and districts that need them most? Why are there teacher surpluses in some areas and extreme shortages in others?
In this month’s issue brief, we have assembled information about America’s teacher pipeline problems, as well as policy ideas designed to address the issues.

What do you think are the most productive strategies for recruiting outstanding candidates in shortage areas to the teaching profession? Which local, state, and federal policies do you think would best support a stable talent pipeline? Please respond to our call for commentary. We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for all you do to support and inspire great educators and engaging education.
Kim Fleming
President, Core Education LLC

Educator Pipeline at Risk

Lisette Partelow and Christina Baumgardner of the Center for American Progress have authored a new report, Educator Pipeline at Risk: Teacher Labor Markets after the Great Recession, that examines the supply and demand of the teacher workforce to paint a clear picture of regional shortages across the nation and potential causes of those shortages.

Teacher Supply, Demand and Shortages in the U.S
According to new research conducted by the LPI, the nation is staring at a serious teacher deficit that is only going to get worse unless steps are taken now to address it. The analysis, “A Coming Crisis in Teaching? Teacher Supply, Demand and Shortages in the U.S.,” is part of a package of research reports and briefs that provides the most comprehensive look to date at the causes and consequences of teacher shortages and offers evidence-based policy recommendations to develop a strong and stable teaching workforce.

The Condition of Future Educators

The Condition of Future Educators 2015 reveals that only 4% of the more than 1.9 million 2015 ACT-tested US high school graduates said they intended to pursue a career in education-as either a teacher, counselor, or administrator. This is down from 5% in 2014 and down from 7% in 2010. 

The Changing Landscape of the Teacher Workforce
Is there really a teacher shortage? This question is a complex one, and it is not easily answered. A recent analysis of the data of the teaching landscape by the Education Policy Center at the American Institutes for Research shows that the shortages may not be as large as previously thought but that the teaching landscape is definitely changing.

Exploring the Teacher Shortage Dilemma
The critical issue of teacher shortages is often featured in today’s news headlines. Whether a shortage exists varies from state to state as do the root causes and the approaches states are taking to address the issue.

Districts Facing Teacher Shortages Look for Lifelines
While enrollment in teacher preparations programs has certainly declined in recent years, there does not appear to be an across-the-board problem with finding and hiring teachers in the United States. The struggle for certain districts to find qualified teachers is largely a regional problem.

Call for Commentary

What are the most productive strategies for recruiting outstanding candidates in shortage areas to the teaching profession?
What policies would best support a stable talent pipeline?

Send your responses to these questions to
We thrive on the discussion!

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