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Terran Stellar Navy 42nd Space Fleet

Phase III - Movement to Home Stations

Your standing order are to have fun at the upcoming fleet game! That order is coming from Thom Robertson, creator of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. By the end of this fleet game, we hope you and your crew will feel like you are a unified team on the bridge, with the additional sense that you are part of a fleet. 

There's a lot of information in this correspondence, we hope you'll take time to read this. Be sure to ask questions in the lobby channel through Discord, given there are now over two dozen members, the group's collective knowledge will be available to anyone. 

Instructions for Sunday, December 15, 2019 18:00 UTC | duration: 3 hours.
Be sure to double check the start time for your local time zones. 

Welcome to the second fleet wide game. We are glad to see everyone who registered and confirmed their crew's participation, here are the eights ships that will be ordered to deploy for our training and missions in real time.[1] 

Command Station located at Deep Space One [CIC]

  1. TSN-Bluenose III (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  2. TSN-Colossus (London, Ontario)
  3. TSN-Hopper (Kitchener, Ontario)
  4. TSN-Oceanside (Parksville, British Columbia)
  5. TSN-Odyssey (Hamilton, Ontario)
  6. TSN-Serenity (Windsor, Ontario)
  7. TSN-Thames (Chatham, Ontario)
  8. TSN-Vanguard (Surrey, British Columbia)

Our objectives at the Combat Information Centre (CIC) are:

  • to keep cost of delays minimal throughout the whole Artemis fleet experience.[3] So, be sure to read all the instructions so you know what to expect before you and your crew connects.
  • bring together and manage information of all ship's status and its surroundings, and supplies this to the Admiral for orders. The Combat Information Centre is to function as: information ordering, gathering, and presentation to the decision makers. They are typically broad orders and at times, CIC staff will check in to see how you're doing.

Communication on the day:
We are using the 42nd Fleet's Discord Server as the primary long range communications system. A backup TeamSpeak server will become available in the event Discord is offline. Be sure to have both clients installed and configured on your Message Relay Officer's console.

We are encouraging everyone to socialize in the lobby before and after. Be sure to read the #Welcome text for acceptable use. Recommend you update your Discord nickname to the following format, ie: "Joe Smith|TSN Lambert" when you arrive.

There are two main channels of communication on the 42nd Fleet's Discord server, the first is the lobby for general discussion and chatter. The other is a secure channel on Deep Space One (DS1), which is used for orders for in game play.

Each ship should have a Message Relay Operator (MRO) who's in charge of just communications on the secure channel to DS1 and other ships. They are responsible for monitoring the secure text channel #ds1-text and the voice channel DS1. The MRO will have privileges to speak on voice and view #ds1-text content only. Everyone else will be able to listen on the voice channel only, and the #ds1-text channel will not be visible or accessible to them.

The staff on Deep Space One (DS1) will be operating as the Combat Information Centre (CIC) [2]. You'll need to get yourself authorized and have your security clearance performed on the fleet's open channel to get the server's Internet Protocol Address or host name for your crew to connect. Each ship should have one message relay operator, who will be cleared for communication to DS1 and other message relay operators only in a secured voice and text channel. That Discord username would have already be assigned during the confirmation process. 

IP/hostname will be provided to MROs through a secure channel only

Internet Protocol Address or host name of Artemis servers should be treated as a secret code to the fleet's operations. It is imperative everyone understands these are processes which should naturally lend itself to providing layers of security to keep game operations on-going. 

The Server's Internet Protocol addresses or host names will be transmitted on the #ds1-text secured channel only. Once your comms/Message Relay Officer receives it, they will provide that information to all members on your bridge internally. Since the event is being streamed online and recorded, we request that sever addresses or host names are not spoken or typed in the other channels to maintain secure access to the hosting server. Server addresses can change after each game to ensure both operating stability and security. 

Each ship will be docked at a Deep Space station when your crew arrives, where the Captain will give the orders to release the Helm, Weapons and Engineering controls over to the ship's bridge crew. CIC staff will release the docking clamps thereafter and transfer command over to each ship.

Training and Mission Schedule
45 minutes prior to duty shift - CIC will be online, where the Admiral will be doing final vessel inspections. This is where you can test your server connections, fly around with your crew on your ship in open space.

30 minutes prior to duty shift - Establish communication to CIC and other ships. Practice coordinated rendez-vous with each other, run battle drills with friendly ships or the fauna.

  • Start of Duty Shift. Welcoming statement and dedicating this game day to Jesse Lambert, meet in the briefing room.[7]
  • Mission Briefing (Begin Role Playing)
  • 5 minutes - Formation flying of all ships for screen shots and photo taking on your bridges.
  • 75 minutes - Double Front Battle Missions
  • Break
  • 75 minutes - Boarder War Mission
  • Duty shift debrief and dismissal (End Role Playing)

After the scheduled time, people are welcome to continue chatting in the lobby, we encourage you to have crew to crew video chat with each other.

Photos and Videos (Optional):
For posterity and social media fodder, assign someone to take photos of the crew in action, and at the end with everyone in a group shot. We would love to see everyone we all played with. 

Streaming and Broadcasting (Optional):
Those who plan on streaming their bridge in action, you can do a live stream on various services. Be sure to broadcast that URL so people can pop on to watch. You'll need to ensure your accounts are approved to stream, so test that our prior. We plan to broadcast DS1's CIC operation.[9] The Discord user 'A1ON5678' will be audio only recording account. Each crew will be responsible for their own broadcast stream, noting their URL in the registration form.  

Broadcasting To The World:
A co-streamer will be aggregating any of bridges streams noted and be connected to the main server to provide commentary. This stream will be recorded and be avialable for you to watch after. This includes what your bridge decides to stream and any of the console screens of each bridge. The Discord user 'UE' has volunteer his time and resources to provide this service. UE is an avid and dedicated Artemis player and is a part of several online communities.[8]

This effort is to provide semi-active engagement with the general Artemis gaming community worldwide. Be sure to let your crew know that their voices and game play are being used to promote Artemis in general, the role playing group representing the Terran Stellar Navy and their crew.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulation 2.7.1 stock
Discord client, "42nd Fleet [2019Q4]"
Teamspeak Client 3.3.2
High Speed Internet Access (Minimum of 15 Mbps download, 5 Mbps upload for six computers)

Tips and things to know:
Remind everyone to ensure their Windows Update Settings are configured, it should not run leading up and during the local duty shift times.

Enable and configure Quality of Service (QoS) on routers on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 2010 to high priority.

Note your ship number when connecting to the server. It is recommended when a role call is performed on your bridge, each player should report their ship number and station is ready to their captain or first officer. ie: "Ship five, TSN-Thames, Science officer ready". Due to the openness of Artemis, you can accidentally take control of another ship's essential system if you don't confirm your ship number, name and station... 

Open as many instances of Artemis, in case of console crash you can switch over quickly. We want to load the nebula server to capacity. 

There is typically a 3 minute window in between game server crashes, it will give your crew members time for any comfort breaks. If you have extra attendees/crew members at your location, have them fill in at times like this. 

The Message Relay Officer (MRO) can also operate off of a mobile device if they wish instead of a computer. Any messages sent into the #ds1-text will alert their device with a sound or a buzz. The MRO can also be the Comms officer, instead of a separate player on the bridge with "just one job on this lousy ship".

The entire session will be recorded from the Combat Information Centre's perspective, including communication on the voice channel. If this is an issue with the Message Relay Officer, it is recommended someone else take that role. Crews from other bridges are planning to stream their interaction online. The recording will most likely be uploaded and shared to the general Artemis forum and various social media platforms.

Social media campaign of the fleet game will continue and be ongoing. Please share your photos in your respective Facebook Artemis groups and on Discord. 

Auditing for improvement:
Discord user 'Starry', an associated within the online Artemis gaming community will be independently auditing all of the procedures and processes on Sunday. You may see his Discord name in the channels. He has volunteered to do this, please be nice to all auditors onboard DS1... It is expected you'll cooperate as best you can if he asks questions to better understand situations. He is also aware that there are appropriate times to interact, especially if the Captain is in the middle of an  engagement.

The auditor primary tasks includes, examines and analyzes business operations and processes, and provides recommendations on achieving greater efficiency; and even efficacy. They evaluate both military and civilian assets involved for impairment and proper valuation and determine risks/liability, ensuring compliance with the value and vision statements in our fleet.

The auditor develops an opinion asserting the reliability and fairness for the service provider (42nd Fleet), participants (ships/crews) and viewers (streaming participants) based on the value and vision statements, then communicates the information to key members in the organizations. 

The information provided will help decide and prioritize which opinions to enact for future fleet games.

We at Command wishes everyone a great game day in your respective communities, a great holiday break and a happy new year.

RAdm. David Trinh
The 42nd Fleet, 1st Battle Squadron

The Combat Information Centre will be using the spreadsheet on game day. We will put all your ship information into our cloud server for automation.

This is the last scheduled game for 2019. Emails will follow on December 16th, 2019 to start picking dates for 2020. We are aiming for at least 4 dates where the 9th and 42nd fleet continue with joint forces operations. This idea of a Joint Forces Operation was finalized in 2018. Here was the order that was issued by the office of High Command. 

Do you know of other Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator crews in Canada who would like to join in our fleet training and missions? If so, forward them this newsletter and get them in touch with us.

Once again, thanks you for your interest and willingness to participate in this attempt to coordinate and operate an eight ship fleet game. If you do not wish to receive anymore communications regarding this, select the unsubscribe link below.

1. TSN Vessels Specifications - Dec15 Tab
4. 42nd Fleet Discord Server for Communications
5. Mobilization
6. Phases of Mobilization for Reservists
7. The Record: An article about the life of Jesse Lambert.
8. UEAdmiral's Broadcasting URL
9. A1ON5678's Broadcast URL
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