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Terran Stellar Navy 42nd Space Fleet

The newsletter's main objective is to provide and gather information directly using email. This is to complete the following tasks between November 2019 to December 2020.

  1. Consensus for either Saturdays or Sundays at 20:00Z for 3 hours to play fleet games.
  2. Begin polling to schedule at least four games throughout 2020, on a Saturday or Sunday at 20:00Z for 3 hours.
  3. Complete the scheduling by February 2020, announce and open up registration for other crews.
  4. Remind all crews as dates approach to play.

Additional related information may be included in order to assist communities on as needed basis.

Take the Poll
In 2020, are Saturdays good for your crew's schedule? Starting at 20:00Z for 3 hours? Answer below by selecting only one of the two links. 
Yes or No

We will close this survey on December 31st, 2019.
How many communities are being considered during the polling process?

More than eight at the moment, while more ships and officers are being commissioned in 2020. We are looking for optimal participation across both fleets.

TSN 9th Space Fleet
 1st Battle Squadron
  •   TSN Vanguard
  •   TSN Loat
  •   TSN Tiki
  •   TSN Archer
 2nd Battle Squadron
  •   TSN Adamant
 3rd Battle Squadron
  •   TSN Oceanside

TSN 42nd Space Fleet 
 1st Battle Squadron
  •   TSN-Bluenose III
  •   TSN-Colossus
  •   TSN-Hopper
  •   TSN-Odyssey
  •   TSN-Precedence
  •   TSN-Serenity
  •   TSN-Thames
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