The Garden Shed and Pantry Newsletter, July 2013

 Next Cygnet Market,
this Sunday, February 5th  AND my stall and I WILL be there

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Back to work for 2017
My home shop is open as usual AND I am looking forward to being back at the Cygnet Market from Sunday Feb. 5th.

Thank you to all the lovely people who continued to come to my home shop during January.

 Olives and Four Leaf flours Restocked
My shelves and store room are now fully stocked with fresh products. I have spent literally thousands of dollars getting everything back in and you will all be pleased to know that the Jumbos and the Black kalamata olives have just arrived as has a pallet of Four Leaf flours and grains. Come n gettum!

March Sourdough & Cultured Butter Workshop
I will be having my first sourdough and cultured butter workshop for 2017 in March. Check the dates and make bookings by adding your EMAIL (not your name) here. If you don't put your email you have not booked, even if I know you!!

You will find more information about these workshops on my website here.

Weck Fermenting Jars
Finally I have decided on the best quality, best value and most ethical fermenting jars available; Weck, made in Germany. These are made from thick glass and guaranteed to be free of lead, cadmium and mercury, unlike cheap, glass jars. Read more below....

Too many zucchinis?
Check out my zucchini and mushroom lasagne recipe AND buy my organic, Australian lasagne sheets!

Thanks for the Wine Bottles but please stop!
I rely on my wonderful customers to provide me with wine bottles, which I sterilise and fill with the olive oils and apple cider vinegar I sell. You have been most generous and I now have quite a few. I will let you know when I need more but for now I have enough, thanks.

Square eftpos
The Garden Shed and Pantry now has credit card, debit card, chip and contactless payment facilities! Square is a simple and cheap system suited to every form of transaction. It may be cheap but it is not free, so I would still prefer cash but no longer will there be any inconvenience if you do not have enough cash with you! 

Home shop open times are on the photo at the top of the newsletter.
Garden Shed and Pantry website

Zucchini and Mushroom Lasagne
I thought I would introduce you to a blog I started at least 10 years ago, for a gardening group I was part of in Adelaide. It has followed me to Tasmania and is now the place where another group I belong to here in Cygnet, The Gumboot Girls, puts our recipes.

The blog is called Gardeners' Gastronomy and is all about cooking from the garden and sharing food, friendship and garden work.

You will find the recipe for Zucchini and Mushroom Lasagne here

It was not used for a few years, but now I hope it will blossom again. Gradually I will increase the links in the side bar to other interesting blogs about seasonal food and I will fix up the glitches that seem to have appeared while it rested!

Saffron Quinoa
  -  again based on a recipe from Shane Delia. Serves 6
500ml vegetable stock
*good pinch of saffron threads
*1 cup quinoa
*1 tsp salt
*1 tbsp olive oil
lemon, zest grated
1 cup chopped, toasted almonds
        1 handful of parsley leaves, coarsely chopped
Wash quinoa thoroughly 3 times then drain.

Place the quinoa in a pan. Add the salt, then drizzle over the oil and rub through the grains with your fingers until well coated. Pour over 500 ml 2 cups boiling stock. Cover tightly with a lid and simmer 10 minutes. Remove the lid, raise the heat and cook until all the liquid has been absorbed. Using a fork, fluff up the quinoa, then add the lemon zest, almonds, parsley and a large knob of thyme butter. 

Meanwhile, melt another large knob of thyme butter in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the preserved lemon and extra rosemary leaves and toss to combine, then add roasted vegetables, raw baby radishes and harissa / horseradish to taste, then toss until well combined and heated through.  

Serve and enjoy!

* denotes available at The Garden Shed and Pantry
Fresh Spices are wonderful additions to your cooking.

Did you know that every time you BYO bags or jars when you shop in my home shop, you receive free spices of your choice?

Every Thursday before the market I spend the whole afternoon (in between customers) packing up all my spices into little bags for market customers, as in the photo above. My spices are always fresh and of best quality.

I have an ever increasing organic spices range and these now include:
Ground cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks
Coriander seeds
Black peppercorns
Long pepper-corns
Herbes de Provence
Tas pepperberry
Cumin seeds
and more....
Sourdough Gift Kit

$65 including postage

Every week I have orders from all over Australia for my sourdough kits.

If you need to send someone a present, do consider having me send them a kit. You can add your own card and I will make sure the kit arrives on time (Australia Post offer overnight delivery to most places in Australia, even from Cygnet!)

The recipient can contact me any time with questions as I like to make sure everyone succeeds.

Ordering is by email and payment is by bank transfer.
Things about Turmeric
Turmeric is not just yellow, it can be fantastically delicious and contains some seriously good health benefits.

I had never thought much about it until I met Barry Beach at his Willunga market stall, south of Adelaide a few years ago. I get several spices from Barry, who is a spice man without equal, that I know of. His turmeric reigns supreme.

He actually grows certified organic turmeric on his property near the sea, south of Adelaide. He dries it and grinds it too and you would be very lucky to ever have had turmeric more delicious and aromatic. THIS is the turmeric that is loaded with anti-oxidants and curcumin and has liver and heart benefits, not that old, flavourless stuff in the supermarkets!

It needs cooking to make it available to your body. Put in your rice, in your curries, use as a tea, with honey and pepper, add to scrambled eggs..... check out some ideas here.
Weck Fermenting Jars
Made in Germany.... I know that means a much bigger footprint than I would like to make but I cannot find anything as good made in Australia, except of course the beautiful crocks made in Glen Huon by Zsolt at Studio Zona (please contact them direct for queries).

I am stocking the Weck 1.5 litre and 2.5 litre fermenting jars as I prefer to make smaller batches, more often, rather than one big batch. That way I can pick and process any vegetables I have, direct from my garden, straight away. This means I have a seasonal "story" happening all year round on my shelves.

The 1.5 litre is $35, the 2.5 litre is $40, including the airlock. Weights are $3 each.
Very popular Easy Sprouters. $20
Seeds to sprout $5
Seeds I love to sprout:

red lentils
green lentils
pearl peas
mung beans

Imported seeds will not sprout as they have been irradiated and are dead. I sell only Australian seeds, mostly organic and I guarantee they will sprout.
My philosophy

I aim to provide you with organic, Australian wholefoods and ingredients for your health and the health of our country. 

As far as grains are concerned, I stock only organic, Australian-grown, Australian-milled grains of the highest quality. I deal direct with the farmers and millers, not a distributor. This is why I can get grains milled to order. When they are freshly milled, they are at their peak, nutritionally. I know of no other shop or person who can say this about their products, anywhere in Tasmania!

Many people ask me about Laucke and Kialla. Yes they are Australian companies but their grains come from all over the world. To me, this is not good enough; I am Australian and I want to buy from Australian farmers and millers. Think of all the food miles, lost revenue for our farmers and our country and the lack of accountability when it comes to food safety.

Everything that comes into Australia is heavily sprayed to stop insects and diseases entering Australia. Buy Australian grown and know what you are eating!

The best yoghurt culture you can buy!

The Simple, Natural, Healthy Yoghurt Story

I sell the simplest of all probiotic yoghurt cultures, with no additives. It is foolproof and the cost of turning 1 litre of milk into yoghurt is 15c. Compare that to any commercial yoghurt!

$15.  Use within 1 year. 
Makes 100 litres.
Milk kefir grains also available $5

As with most things that go into your body it is best to choose the most natural available

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