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Muir Orthopaedic Specialists March 2014 Health Lines Newsletter
Four Joint Replacements, One Resolute Patient: Rheumatoid arthritis might have gotten the best of Susan’s joints, but it couldn’t touch her attitude.
Olympic Heights and Falls

Olympic Heights and Falls 

At the Winter Olympics, highly-trained athletes were more prone to injury during off-camera practices than in the actual televised competition.
Rush Recovery, Risk Re-injury

Rush Recovery, Risk Re-injury

What should you consider after shoulder separation? Dr. Michlitsch explains how much time is needed to heal without re-dislocation. 
Physician Spotlight

Donal M. Lewis, M.D.

Dr. Lewis thrives on overcoming the challenges faced in orthopedic medicine. His attention to detail rivals only his dedication to helping patients return to their favorite sports and activities.
Ortho Tip of the Month: Plan a progressive running program to prevent injuries. Start with a five-minute warm up, stretching before and after your run.

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