Orthopedics & sports health tips, stories, and news from MOS.
What is a slipped disc? Dr. Qureshi discusses this common spinal sports injury
Hamstring injuries can sideline even the toughest professional athletes.

That Troublesome Hamstring

Dr. Moorthy explains what happens during the dreaded hamstring sprain - and how this injury can be prevented.

The goal of physiatry is to restore maximum function lost through musculoskeletal injuries.

Restore Function Through Physiatry

At our Ortho Care Center, physiatrists specialize in non-surgical treatment of orthopedic injuries from sports, repetitive stress, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.  

Physician Spotlight

David M. Contreras, M.D.

With traditional values and a personable demeanor, Dr. Contreras offers patients comfort and superior medicine.  
Ortho Tip of the Month: How to Treat Runner's Knee: Ice, rest, & anti-inflammatory medicine; taping or bracing; stretching & exercise

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