Does a concussed brain need rest? March Madness comebacks & more.
Think Twice: Does a concussed brain need rest? Like a sprained ankle, continued use of an injured body part can potentially delay healing and recovery.
Minor Injuries, Major Comebacks

Minor Injuries, Major Comebacks

During March Madness, colleges athletes have been reported out with knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. Spondylolysis also received attention, with one Kansas player overcoming the most common back injury. 
From the Healthcare Providers at MOS: We're Still Listening

We're Still Listening

Doctor, are you there? Physicians, assistants and nurses may seem preoccupied with their computer or tablet, but we assure you – we're still listening. 
Physician Spotlight

Michael G. Michlitsch, M.D.

Dr. Michlitsch's personal passion for sports allows him to personalize treatment and get athletes of all ages and levels of participation back to sporting health and
pain-free activities.
Ortho Tip of the Month: Avoid twisting the low back while lifting heavy objects; instead, pivot using your feet.

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