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When the Most Common Knee Injury Strikes: Slippery weather is right around the corner, but some of the most common knee injuries can occur even under safe conditions.

Hip Hip, Hooray

Physicians can repair and replace hips effectively and reduce recovery time with minimally invasive hip replacement. This means less pain and faster recovery.

What is a Slipped Disc?

Dr. Abid Qureshi explains what exactly a slipped disc means as well as its symptoms and causes. 

Physician Spotlight

David M. Contreras, M.D.

Dr. Contreras has two priorities: his patient's health and the quality of care he provides. More than anything he wants them to be healthy enough to return to activity. 
Ortho Tip of the Month: Getting technical with tennis elbow. Causes include: overuse, repetitive motion, manifests as pain on outside of elbow

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