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10 Winter Workout Tips - Without proper warm-up, cold weather can contribute to injury during daily exercise - but that doesn't mean you should tone down your fitness routine. Read more>>

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"10 Winter Workout Tips to Keep Your Bones, Muscles, & Ligaments Healthy"

High school football team lined up

MOS Keeps Youth Athletes in the Game

Soccer, baseball, and football athletes maintain top performances through cutting-edge orthopedic medicine and injury prevention.

running feet in the sunset

When a Sprain Won't Heal

Dr. Murali Moorthy explains what to do if a sprain doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Physician Spotlight Dr. Charles Preston

Charles F. Preston, M.D.

Dr. Preston provides each patient with a complete evaluation of their orthopedic problem, discusses all treatment options, and strives to meet patient needs and expectations.
Ortho Tip of the Month: How to treat tendonitis pain at home: rest the area, apply ice packs, use pain medication like ibuprofen to relieve symptoms.

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