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Friday, September 24, 2021

Gratitude is simply a choice, but we have to start by making the choice to do it.

A story is told of a man who was begging on the street with a sign that simply read, “I am blind, please help me.” Occasionally people gave money to him as they walked by, but then the beggar heard someone stop and write something on his sign. Throughout the rest of day people were constantly giving him money, significantly more than any other day he had been there. Towards the end of the day, he asked a person walking by if they would read what was written on the sign and the person said, “your sign says, ‘today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it’.”
Both signs said basically the same thing but the second one reminded people to be grateful for something they were taking for granted each and every day.
This quarter, Dalat is looking at gratitude and how to encourage and foster it in ourselves and in our children. The great thing about gratitude is that it can be learned. Similarly to exercise, the more we do it, the easier and more natural it becomes. Gratitude is simply a choice, but we have to start by making the choice to do it. The most effective way is to figure out how to make it a habit, something that we do or that happens automatically most days. This can be different for each person but, here are some simple suggestions to get us thinking of how we can do this:

  • Put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror that helps remind you to practice gratitude.
  • At breakfast or dinner, develop the habit of asking others at the table what they are grateful for that day.
  • Start a gratitude list and put it on your fridge where family members can add to it.
  • With younger children, make it a part of the bedtime routine.
  • Make saying “thank you” something you do in your family.
  • Put a quote about gratitude above or near the door so that everyone sees it as they head out of the house.
  • Develop a gratitude trigger (e.g. tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, starting the car) that reminds you to think of one thing to be grateful for when you do it.
  • Put something in your purse or wallet that when you see it reminds you to be grateful.

Just like developing an exercise routine, it can be difficult to get it started. But if we are intentional about it, gratitude can become a part of our lives. So what signs will you put in your life that remind you of all that you have?
Have a beautiful day!

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School

Karl Steinkamp is passionate about Dalat International School and training up young people. Karl was a student at Dalat and returned with a degree in education as a student teacher, high school principal, and now Head of School since 2006.

Let It Flow: Dalat Annual Fund Coming Soon

Let It Flow: 달랏 연간 기금 행사



Annual Fund is an opportunity for Dalat families, staff, friends, and community to come together to raise funds and support for items to enrich the educational experience for students of all ages at Dalat. 

This year’s Annual Fund theme is “Let It Flow”! Just as water is necessary for plants to grow, your partnership with Dalat is essential. As we focus this year on G.R.O.W. (Grateful, Resilient, Optimistic, Willing), the Annual Fund will spend six weeks focusing on projects that will help prepare campus for when students return. 

Beginning October 4, we aim to raise a total of RM175,000 for projects and tools including: 

  • Social and emotional learning resources
  • Battery-powered leaf blowers
  • High school robotics kits
  • An additional automated external defibrillator (AED) for campus
  • A light board controller for Harbor Hall
  • Additional tables for the middle school outdoor area
  • Middle school lockers
  • Learning Support Learning Lab renovations
  • Microbits (small, programmable computers with light, sound, and motion components to teach S.T.E.M. skills)
  • Creativity 3-D Printer

More information is coming soon! 

Financial gifts for Annual Fund can benefit the greatest need, or be designated for a particular project or item. All of us can give something to benefit the mission of Dalat International School!

Keep an eye on your emails, future Dalat News, social media, and the Annual Fund website for more details! 


Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences (Grades 5–8)

중학교 학부모 교사 상담(5학년-8학년)

click here to schedule a conference time

On October 4, 6, and 7, parents may meet with their child’s teacher in a virtual conference time, with sign-ups for appointments beginning September 27 through October 1 at 5 p.m. Parents must schedule their conference time through the PowerSchool portal. There are limited slots for each teacher so please do not wait to sign-up. Your scheduled time will be emailed directly to you. 

Here are a few ways parents can make the most of their conference time: 

  1. Be on time. Please be considerate of the teacher’s and other parents’ schedules.  
  2. Honor the time limit. If you need more than your allotted 15 minutes, please reschedule another appointment time. 
  3. Ask questions. Your child’s teacher is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. 
  4. Be relaxed and be yourself. Teachers are looking forward to talking with you one on one. They value your partnership and want to get to know you better.  
  5. Ask for a translator. If you are not comfortable conferencing in English, please arrange for or ask your teacher’s assistance in securing a translator.


Would You Like to Borrow a Book?

달랏을 떠나시나요?(전학 사실 통보)



Parents, you can now come into the library to borrow books! Use this form to make an appointment time: LIBRARY APPOINTMENT. Kindly note: these appointments are for parents only. Sorry, students are not yet allowed on campus.

If you have specific books in mind, please browse the library catalog and email your book list to the day before coming to campus, and we will have books ready for you. In addition, you may also choose your books during your library appointment!

The Library Staff looks forward to seeing you!


Join the Dalat Prayer Team

달랏 기도회 참여



Are you interested in praying for our students, teachers, parents, and staff on a regular basis? If so, Dalat Prayer Fuel is what you need. Coming out twice a month, this email provides you with guided prayers for our students, teachers, parents, and staff along with scripture and encouragement to fuel your prayers. 

View the latest Prayer Fuel prayer guide. 

Sign up online to join the Dalat Prayer Fuel distribution list. 


Leaving Dalat?

달랏을 떠나시나요?(전학 사실 통보)

If your child is leaving Dalat International School this semester, please notify our admissions office via the Online Withdrawal Form and Survey.  In order to refund your holding deposit, this withdrawal form must be received on or before October 15, 2021.


Substitute Teachers Needed
대체 교사 모집합니다

If you would enjoy working with our amazing Dalat students and want to make a difference in the Dalat community, please consider serving as a substitute teacher once students return to the classroom. Dalat teachers will be staying home when they are ill, even with mild symptoms. We anticipate an increased need for substitute teachers this school year, and we are asking our Dalat community to help us fill this need. 

If you are interested in serving as a substitute teacher, please email Rebekah Conklin.


Encouragement From Moms in Prayer

어머니 기도회로부터의 격려

I look up to the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord. He is the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

Questions? Contact:
Margaret, 016-470-4174; Vera, 017-506-4800; or Mrs. Lim, 012-430-0699


COVID-19 Resources & Community Pages
달랏 웹사이트에 코로나 바이러스 관련 업데이트

Dalat continues to post school-related updates at the Dalat website via this link. We will continue to keep in touch with families by updating this webpage with the most current information affecting our community, posting updates on social media, and through contact with parents by email. Contact Dalat administration anytime at

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