Workforce Development Legislative Alert
Workforce Development Legislative Alert
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Council recently introduced legislation that should be on your radar because it may have an impact your organization and/or the residents you serve. Please pay particular attention to the Non-Profit Reimbursement Fairness Act of 2019, see brief summary of the legislation below.  Note that a hearing for this legislation has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 28 at 10:00 am.  If you are interested in learning more about this legislation you are invited to attend CNHED's prep meeting for the hearing on Wednesday, January 22 from 3:00 - 4:00 pm at our office (727 15th St., NW). In our next working group meeting, CNHED will continue to discuss and solicit your input on the proposed legislation and we'll update you when a hearing date has been set. 

Please also note the dates for the scheduled agency performance oversight hearings related to workforce development and adult basic education. We encourage you to register and testify to share your experience about the agencies are doing well and where there areas of improvement.

Agency Performance Oversight Hearings
  • Department of Human Services, Wednesday, January 29 at 10 am, Room 412 (email to register)
  • Office of Returning Citizens Affairs, Thursday, February 6 at 10 am, Room 500 (email to register)
  • Department of Employment Services and Workforce Investment Council, Wednesday, March 4 at 10 am, Room 500 (emaol to register)
Summary of Proposed Legislation
  • Non-Profit Reimbursement Fairness Act of 2019 
    • Requires the District to reimburse indirect costs at the same rate a non-profit organization has negotiated to receive for a current federal contract or grant. Modified total direct costs must be at a flat rate if the grant or contract is paid with District funds.
    • Requires that direct or indirect costs for any grants or contracts with the contracting agency be published by that agency.  
  • Equitable Employment in High Displacement Risk Zone Initiative Act of 2020 
    • Establishes an initiative to create employment opportunities for District residents in high displacement risk zones for a career with an average median wage of at least $56,000 by training residents and assisting with job placement. Careers include paralegals, computer networking support specialists, emergency medical technicians and paramedics. 
  • First Source Resident Employment Amendment Act of 2019
    • Permit organizations to provide DOES with qualified candidates for inclusion in the First Source Register. The register was established to ensure that District residents are given priority for new jobs created by municipal financing and development programs.
    • Requires DOES to proactively identify individuals who are "hard to serve" and to develop standard operating procedures for its role in First Source. 
    • Requires that the workforce intermediary program be used exclusively for First Source projects or contracts.
  • Independent Compliance Office Establishment Act 2019
    • Establish an independent agency to monitor compliance with small business participation and First Source requirements.
    • Remove responsibilities for compliance and enforcement from the jurisdiction of the Department of Small and Local Business Development.

on behalf of Workforce Development Working Group Co-chair
     Emily Price, SOME, Inc.
Evette L. Banfield
VP, Economic Development Policy & Wealth Building Strategies
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