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We're halfway through the year and so far we have clocked up 28 wild animal rescues, 24 releases, 78 veterinary procedures and 186 animals under rehabilitation. We've supported 48 trafficking arrests with 161 kg of ivory seized and put 24 wildlife traffickers behind bars...trained 81 teachers, engaged 3,725 members from Natural Resources Committees (NRC’s), and 25 adult literacy students and a total of 19,739 school children have taken part in our education programme across the country.  

"Long ago, great giants lived here. They were magnificent creatures. But…we killed them all.” These are a grandfather's opening words as he recounts the tale of the first, and only, time he saw an elephant in his village somewhere deep in Malawi.  He then traces the story over the next 60 years as elephants are poached to extinction.

The 5 minute film was launched this month, with showings on national TV and on our pedal power cinema targeting local communities around protected areas, with a planned outreach of 15,000 viewers in the next two months. We’ve also had a great response on Facebook, reaching a staggering 115,000 people thanks to shares from our followers. Big thanks also to AAP, Born Free and Tusk for their support, and you can read the full National Geographic article here. 
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Two men caught inside Nyika NP with 37 snares, a knife and two poached monkeys have been sentenced to 30 months in prison. Chief Resident Magistrate Masoamphambe said that the penalty must serve as a deterrent to others, and he appealed to the general public to report wildlife crime, however small, and that failure to do so was also a serious offence. Malawi's wildlife populations have drastically declined as a result of the illegal bushmeat trade, which is becoming increasingly commercialised. Congratulations to those courts using the new legislation to tackle both poaching and trafficking. The case was supported by LWT. 
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Three Natural Resource Committees in the North of Malawi have received awards amounting to MK 1 million for their exceptional contribution to wildlife law enforcement this month. Activities included the confiscation of guns, removal of snares, assisting the DNPW in arresting the poachers (including the case above), conducting patrols and clearing the boundaries of the protected areas.  
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Lengwe loggers: The Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus have urged Government to investigate the circumstances in which such a syndicate was allowed to operate. Following heated discussions, Government have committed to sending a parliamentary committee to Lengwe and to close down the ‘leaky’ border working with Mozambican authorities. Thanks to the MPCC for being so vocal on the issue.  Read about the case here.

Mzuzu appeal: In 2013, 2.6 tonnes of ivory was confiscated in the North of Malawi, for which the two Kaunda brothers received only a paltry $2500 fine. The government won the right to appeal in the Supreme Court, and the case was heard in May. The ruling is expected in July - watch this space…

Our vet, Dr Amanda Salb, was called out to Liwonde NP* to help re-fit a horn transmitter for one of the rhinos, but instead they got distracted after they found an elephant with a snare. She successfully darted the elephant from the helicopter, treated the elephant on the ground and, just as she thought her day’s work was done, she got a call from DNPW that a pangolin had been rescued from some villagers near the lake, but that the villagers would like their ‘find’ back.  So African Parks kindly flew Amanda over there, she gave it a quick check up and, since there was nothing wrong, then flew back to Liwonde to release it just as dusk fell. Great team work, DNPW, AP and LWT!

More recently, Amanda was invited to watch, learn and help out with the cheetah introduction in Liwonde.  Now that the cheetah experts have gone back home it’s important that Amanda is on hand to help in an emergency, since she is the only wildlife vet currently in country.  Cheetahs haven’t been seen in Malawi for 25 years and it’s another example of African Parks’ commitment to restoring the nation’s wildlife. 

Max was rescued several years ago as a young orphan from a roadside seller and taken to the Wildlife Centre. Finally, the time has come for him to take his first steps to freedom.  He has been released into the forests at Nyika National Park where it is hoped that he will soon find his friends. Bon voyage, Max! Back at the Wildlife Centre, two new young baboons and a vervet monkey have arrived this month, also rescued from roadside sellers. Our wonderful team are starting them off on their rehabilitation journey, hopefully ending back in the wild where they belong. 
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We were thrilled that the Wildlife Centre was chosen to host this year’s World Environment/Biodiversity Day celebrations. Guest of honour, Hon Bright Msaka, the environment minister, made a rousing speech in front of dignitaries, NGO’s and the hundreds of school children, some of whom also joined famous comedians to perform on stage. 
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*The story on the pangolin and elephant was actually from a few months ago but we kept forgetting to share it! All other stories are from the last month.
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