Welcome to the December 2012 Edition of Healthy Brains for Children's new e-newsletter.  It has been a while since we have sent out a newsletter and there is much to relate in our efforts to prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol...

Healthy Brains for Children, "Preventing Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol"
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A Message from the Executive Director

Greetings, <<First Name>>,

                 Thank you for helping Healthy Brains for Children meet our mission of preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol.  This is the time of year when we ask your help as a charitable 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  We rely on donations to continue our work in preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol.  Your donation to HBC will be used to continue our work informing our communities and nation about the need for prevention of prenatal exposure to alcohol.
                This past year was an exciting year for HBC.  In July, we installed the world’s first pregnancy test dispenser in a women’s restroom in a bar in Mankato, MN. This caused a media whirlwind, with stories showing up around the world. I was privileged to talk to many people about preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol, especially in unexpected pregnancies.
                Some of the following can be found on our website. including:
·                                            New York Times article
·                                            Anderson Cooper interview
·                                            The Doctors TV Show
                                             ABC News
                We are excited to have well respected researchers interested in conducting research into the effectiveness of the dispensers. These studies will be critical to the success of the project and will be of great benefit for Healthy Brains for Children by keeping us in the national spotlight in the world of prevention. The interested researchers include: 
           Dr. Ira Chasnoff, Pediatrician, Children's Research Triangle, University of Illinois.  Dr. Chasnoff spoke at our "Beginning the Journey" event in Grand Rapids, MN in 2010
·         Christina Chambers, PhD, and Dr. Kenneth Jones (Dr. Jones discovered FAS in 1973), University of California, San Diego, and John Clapp, PhD, San Diego State University.
·         Dr. Larry Burd, University of North Dakota.  Dr. Burd spoke at our "Beginning the Journey" event in Brainerd, MN in 2010.
·       .  
                The brand manager for a leading international company marketing pregnancy tests contacted us looking to partner with us to bring the prevention message to their product, which is marketed around the world and is in all the major chains.  This partnership will be critical to adding pregnancy testing before drinking to the national dialogue around Responsible Drinking. It is amazing what one pregnancy test dispenser in a women’s restroom in a bar has done for the discussion of preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol in unexpected pregnancies.
                Healthy Brains for Children’s Chapter Initiative has added community chapters in Detroit Lakes, Bemidji, and Thunder Bay, Ontario, our first in Canada. Each of these chapters focuses prevention efforts in their communities and uses the collective knowledge of the chapter members from other locations to strengthen their prevention efforts.  Through the chapters, the prevention message has been presented to over 20,000 people in 2012 at county fairs, community expos, events, presentations, keynotes, and trainings.
                We need your help to continue our work. A $10 donation by each person receiving this letter will give us two months of operating funds to continue moving our Think Before You Drink pregnancy test dispenser initiative and Chapter Initiative forward. A $60 donation by each person will give us a full year's operating funds.  Please donate as you can afford to HBC  by clikcking on the Donate button on the top of this letter, by logging on our site and donating on our donation page, or by sending a check to
                Healthy Brains for Children
                1 West Water St. Suite 275
                St. Paul, MN 55107
Thank you and have a Happy Holiday Season,
Jody Allen Crowe

Spreading the Prevention Message

Chapter News

A special thanks to the Thunder Bay Chapter and the Rotary Clubs that sponsored the start-up of the chapter.  This is the first chapter in Canada.  We are working through the details of establishing Healthy Brains for Children as an entity in Canada.  This chapter is setting an example for bringing the prevention message to their community by participating in a parade, handing out prevention messages with Halloween candy, having an awareness table at community events, and traveling to St. Paul for training.  This is the beginning of a presence in Canada. 

Community Presentations

We were invited to present in Sioux Lookout, Ontario in September.  Peter and I had a very nice time visiting with the folks who brought us to their beautiful lakeside city.  We were taken to a favorite fishing spot, caught some walleye, and enjoyed great conversation and fresh walleye the night before the presentation.  We appreciated the opportunity to bring our message to the social workers, educators, and community people in Sioux Lookout.  We are happy to call them friends.

In November, I presented in Jackson, MN to school teachers and community people.  The presentation was well received and I felt we added new friends to our prevention community.   

Pregnant Girls Night Out

The Brainerd Chapter has received a donation from the Brainerd Elks Club to hold two Pregnant Ladies Night Out events in the Brainerd Lakes area.  Thank you, Elks Club for your generous support.

Simple but Effective Messaging

When out in the community, our presentations and exhibits are well received. All the posters and banners are developed by Healthy Brains for Children chapters and our central office and use chapter members and community volunteers as models for the posters. The posters include doctors, nurses, a high school hockey coach, a weight training coach, babies and parents. Each chapter is encouraged to bring the message in their community with recognizable community members.

The Think Before You Drink Pregnancy Test Initiative 

Be a part of our initiative by bringing a pregnancy test dispenser to your community.  Contact Jody Allen Crowe at 507-213-0120 to see how you can make this happen. 
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