We need your help!
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We need your help!

For the first time, your donation will directly help an expectant mother refrain from using alcohol!  Just six people donating $25 a month will provide the funds to protect one unborn child.

Healthy Brains for Children is seeking your support.  In March, 2014, we began our innovative My Baby’s Breath program in the Brainerd Lakes Area in Central Minnesota with a goal of developing a program that can be replicated across the state and nation, and, as we are finding out with our pregnancy test dispensers, across the world.

Our goal is to increase our capacity to provide The My Baby's Breath program to ten alcohol-involved pregnant women each month in 2015.  Would you consider donating to Healthy Brains for Children to help grow and sustain this program?  Monthly commitments or a one time donation are welcome.

My Baby's Breath
We are working with the local high schools and the county social services to identify pregnant teenagers and adult women who are drinking alcohol during their pregnancy. Once identified, we provide incentivized monitored breathalyzers to help them refrain from drinking alcohol during the remainder of their pregnancies. 

With our current funding we can provide this program to three  pregnant women monthly.  We are excited with the success of this program.  Since the program began six months ago, five  pregnant woman who were drinking alcohol before going on the program refrained from drinking alcohol for the entire time they were on the program!  The success is documented, accountable success!

We are asking for your financial support.  The county social services supervisor and the local alternative high school principal have indicated there is a greater need for this strategy than we can currently accommodate.  Their estimates indicate we could have up to ten devices being monitored continually in this one county.  With each pregnancy being monitored up to seven months, this would mean our program in one county would be impacting up to 20 or more pregnancies a year. Just think how many unborn children this will impact when we can replicate this program across the state and nation!
The costs of the program include the lease of the breathalyzers, the three to four time a day monitoring, incentives tied to the monitoring, and the administration of the program.  Every $5 you donate gives one unborn baby another day of alcohol-free fetal development! 
If you would like more information on the
My Baby's Breath
program or would like to implement this exciting innovative prevention program in your community, contact Jody Allen Crowe at
Dr. Aurelijus Veryga is leading the prevention effort in the Baltic States of Europe.  His efforts led to the First Baltic States Conference on Preventing FASD in September.  Jody Allen Crowe was invited as a keynote speaker.  Dr. Veryga's medical students translated The Fatal Link into Lithuanian and the book was published in time for the convention.  Lithuania ranks third in alcohol consumption in the European continent.  Thank you to Dr. Veryga and his students for the work they are doing. 
The Brainerd Model
Healthy Brains for Children is focused on developing a community model of prevention in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota that can be replicated in every community. 

This model has three components:
  • Community awareness
  • Think Before You Drink pregnancy test dispensers
  • My Baby's Breath program
Community members in the Brainerd Lakes Area Chapter of Healthy Brains for Children have leveraged local funding to hold yearly Pregnant Girls Night Out events, staff a Healthy Brains for Children booth as the local county fair, and provide a presence at other community events.  The group has been raising money and placing pregnancy test dispensers in:
  • a convenience store near the college campus,
  • a women's restroom on the college campus,
  • the mall where high school kids hang out,
  • and a Free Vend dispenser in a local youth center. 
Community member volunteers assist in the administration and monitoring of the My Baby's Breath program.  This is a  collaboration of local school and county officials, as well as local nonprofits.
Thank you, Julie!
Healthy Brains for Children would like to thank Julie Frederick for the past year of volunteer Executive Director help and wish her the best as she moves into the next exciting venture in her career!
Healthy Brains for Children is working with Alaska state legislative officials and researchers from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  The university is beginning a research project studying the effectiveness of Free Vended pregnancy tests, using our dispensers, in women's restrooms in bars across Alaska.  This study will last one year, starting in January, 2015.
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