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Julie Frederick, Executive Director

     Thank you for this wonderful opportunity as the Executive Director of Healthy Brains for Children. We continue to make many "firsts" in our organization. In January we started our first introduction into the "My Baby's Breath" project. This project is focused on supporting high risk pregnant teenagers in protecting their unborn children from alcohol exposure. The My Baby's Breath project provides participants a phone-in breathalyzer to monitor alcohol levels multiple times a day. An incentive program is provided to encourage compliance to the project. We were honored to have researcher Yukiko Washio, PhD from the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia, PA join us on the project in March. We have had a total of two participants in the Brainerd area and both remained sober during the program. 
     Yukiko's expertise and knowledge has been amazing. Yukiko is assisting me with grant application opportunities and was present during our discussions with Ruthie Dallas, State Planner Principal for the MN Department of Human Services. Currently MN is not a participant in our study due to budget constrains but remains very engaged in our progress with other states.
     Arizona's Task Force on Preventing Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and Other Drugs has engaged in a grant focused on replicating the Alaska study by monitoring the behaviors when a pregnancy test dispenser is placed in the women's bathroom in a bar. This first study will be conducted on the University campus in Flagstaff with follow up studies in place for Tucson and Phoenix.
     In April, Healthy Brains for Children won the BizPitch Award at the Southern MN Economic Summit. Jody presented our mission, research work and the challenges that face the world in solving prenatal exposure to alcohol. Through this award I am working with Creative Ad Solutions in updating our logo and investigating marketing firms to assist us in delivering our message.
     Our work continues to grow with interest and support each day. I look forward to working on our future together.

Jody Allen Crowe, President

The past several months have been exciting for Healthy Brains for Children. We are having an impact across the nation and the world. I am so glad Julie is on board as the Executive Director to lead in several of the efforts.  I am truly thankful to those who have believed in our mission since our humble beginning in 2008.  Thank you. We have had and will continue to have an international impact!


    In January, Alaska State Senator Kelly's office contracted with Healthy Brains for Children to provide my services to his office as a consultant as the Alaska Empowering Hope campaign to eradicate fetal alcohol syndrome.  This effort has now resulted in a $400,000 grant to study the Healthy Brains for Children's Think Before You Drink Initiaitve by placing 20 free vend pregnancy test dispensers throughout Alaska in a two year study.  The results of this study will determine if the State of Alaska will purchase and place free vend pregnancy test dispensers in all alcohol establishments.  This study is in the beginning stages as of this month.  The dispensers are scheduled to be placed in bars by December, 2014.  Healthy Brains for Children is under contract through September, with additional contractual work possible as the initiative moves forward.  See A Call to Action, a booklet I developed for distribution to Alaska State legislators. 
       I have been asked to assist the Alaskan legislative team in the search for a quick FASD screening tool as the next steps in the Empowering Hope Initiative. I will most likely be traveling to Alaska as the pregnancy test dispenser study moves forward.  We had another international media frenzy as this initiative has unfolded.  See NBC Today Show,  The Daily Beast for a couple of examples of the media attention. I was interviewed by people across the nation and as far away as Italy. 


     In January I presented to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.  The board president had heard me present in Edmonton last fall.  The commission president, the Honorable Marguerite Trussler, sent me this note in April after the commission acted to require all alcohol establishments post an FASD prevention poster. 
Dear Jody,
Thank you for speaking to our board, executive team, and inspectors about FASD. You brought a new awareness about FASD to the Board. As a result, we recently introduced mandatory FASD prevention posters in licensed premises and liquor stores. We are also putting together an integrated strategy including funding with other government departments. Your talk provided the impetus to move our prevention strategy forward.
See the news article on the required posters. 


     Last year at the Edmonton conference, an MD, PhD psychiatrist from Lithuania purchased The Fatal Link and read it on the flight home.  He sent me an email with this statement,  "This is the second book in my life (after Titian's book of life and death) that really changed so many things in my understanding. I am now recommending this book to my colleagues doctors, my students and some friends, that have adopted children with problems."   
     Since that first email, The Fatal Link is now translated into the Lithuanian language and I will be presenting at the First Baltic Conference on Preventing Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol in September.  See The Fatal Link

Healthy Brains for Children Board Meeting   July 27, 2014,  University Club, St. Paul, MN
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