Welcome to the June 2012 Edition of Healthy Brains for Children's new e-newsletter.  The weather is great with the start of the summer and we're hard at work spreading the prevention message . . .

Healthy Brains for Children, "Preventing Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol"
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A Message from the Executive Director

Greetings, <<First Name>>,               

When Healthy Brains for Children was formed, we did not know how we would have an impact; we only knew we had a mission and would follow that mission as long as we had the passion and support. This past month, we took a good look at ourselves during our board training with Karl Samp and liked what we saw for the future of our organization. Peter and I were energized by the commitment of the board members to our mission. We clearly have the passion and are rallying efforts to bring in sustainable support. 

Most of our efforts over the past month have been focused on our chapter development and the new Think Before You Drink Initiative.  I have always wondered how it would feel to do something that could change the world in some small way, and I believe Healthy Brains for Children is poised to do just that - we will be introducing the Think Before You Drink Initiative in Pub 500 in Mankato, MN before the end of June, thanks to Ivan and Sara Den Ouden, Owners of ServiceMaster of Mankato/Waseca, and Pub 500. Watch for the upcoming launch on our Facebook, Twitter, and other media.  We will be sending you more information on how you, too, can be a part of changing the world by donating to our Think Before You Drink Initiative. 

Speaking of changing the world, eh?  June 20 is a watershed day for Healthy Brains for Children as we go international!  Peter and I will be in Thunder Bay, Ontario where we will work with community members as they look at ways they can increase prevention efforts throughout their local communities. Four Rotary Clubs have sponsored a one day “Beginning the Journey” event, and the planning committee is expecting a full audience (registration was closed early due to the overwhelming community response).

In July, Healthy Brains for Children will start marketing a combined training session that includes our board member, Guy Doud, 1986 National Teacher of the Year, and myself as the presenters.  We will be providing this training in locations throughout Minnesota and elsewhere.  We encourage you to provide us with names, email addresses and organizations that will circulate information on our trainings.

On the path to prevention,

Jody Allen Crowe

Spreading the Prevention Message

Chapter News - Greetings from Grand Rapids

HBFC Grand Rapids Chapter has held 2 events this spring. One was the YMCA Women’s Expo at the Itasca Community College. We handed out flyers for our Stroller/Walkathon and talked for hours. Second was the Children’s First event at the arena.  Here everyone is focused on children, so we let the little girls put on finger polish and talked to the moms! It was a busy day, as over 5,000 people went through in 4 hours.  Check out the YouTube video coverage of the event at:

Coming up on Sunday, September 9th at 4:00 is our 3rd annual Stroller/Walkathon! We meet in the center of town at the Old Central School and walk a little over a mile; afterward we gather together and have a piece of cake. The Stroller/Walkathon is a great time for all of us to be together and share stories, as well as increase prevention awareness.

~Lilah Crowe, Chapter Chair

A Passionate, Committed Board

Greetings from your new Board Chair!  While I have not been on the board from its inception, I'm one of the 'senior' members, having joined Jody's cause and the Board in April of 2010 - and loving every minute.  I have always been impressed with the commitment and passion Jody and Peter show towards their work, and every time we get together, I come away with a renewed excitement for the great things this organization can achieve - our meeting in May was no exception.

As Jody indicated in his opening message to you, we had a very inspiring and productive board training under Karl Samp's guiding hand recently.  Not only did the board members, old and new, come together and gain perspective on our unique talents and leadership abilities; we also walked away with a clear long term vision and strategic goals to put us on the path to prevention success.  From this discussion, I can attest that our entire board embodies a high level of passion and support for our staff, but I know we can do more - and the Board clearly made that commitment at our recent training session.  I am positive that with the talent and breadth of experience represented (like Judge Randall profiled in this month's newsletter), this organization will be growing in leaps and bounds over the course of the next year.  I hope you'll all join us on the journey and think about how you can get more involved as well in our upcoming initiatives!

~Margaret Uttke, HBC Board Chair
HBC on Facebook

Mission Social:  300 "Likes" Before the Fireworks!

This last week was the kick off for a renewed effort to increase our social media front. We will now actively engage our friends on Facebook and Twitter in order to make our opinion heard and to keep our followers informed about how preventative measures are important to decreasing prenatal exposure to alcohol. If you haven't done so already, please "Like" us on Facebook at:
and "follow" us on Twitter at:
To make this work, we'll need your support. Please "share" our article on Facebook and "retweet" our Twitter posts. We would greatly appreciate getting to 300 "likes" before the month is out!

~Jace Crowe, HBC's Social Guru

HBC Logo

Did You Notice Our New Logo?

You may not have realized it, but last month's newsletter marked the official debut of our new Healthy Brains for Children Logo. Tell us what you think! 

It took a while for the Board and staff to decide on just the right look; we're really pleased with the final result, however, as we think our new image does a great job to convey what HBC is all about: The unfinished heart represents the unfinished baby; also, it takes two to conceive a baby so we believe men need to be a part of the solution as well - thus we made sure to include both parents in a protective heart inspired design.

Our thanks go out to local graphic designer, Ben Dunbar, who graciously volunteered his time and talents to bring our vision to life; we appreciate his patience and expert advice throughout the many tweaks and evolutions taken. Learn more about Ben's work at:

Judge Randall, HBC Board Member

Meet Judge Randall

Judge Randall, as he is known on the Board, joined HBC’s cause last summer and brings a wealth of experience to the cause:  the Honorable R.A. (Jim) Randall, was first appointed to the MN Court of Appeals by Governor Rudy Perpich in 1984.  He retired in April, 2008 and now sits part-time on the Court as Senior Judge.  A native of Little Falls, MN, Judge Randall holds a B.A. from Gonzaga University, and a J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School.  He brings a wealth of expertise to the board, having served as a Second Lieutenant in US Marine Corp, as a Law Clerk for Hennepin County District Court, overseen a general practice law firm in Hibbing, MN, and serving as an adjunct professor for the University of Hamline Law School.

Judge Randall is active in supporting the Native American Community, working with inner-city support groups and volunteering support to men and women inmates in Minnesota state prisons. He is married to his wife Monica with three adult children.

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