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framework:seasonal ::: autumn 2013

the framework:seasonal series of fund-raising audio releases continues with issue #6, another superb compilation of previously unreleased sounds by artists working in the field recording community. this selection features new names as well as several you've certainly heard before, all of whom are new to framework editions' release series. petra kapš (OR poiesis), kim walker, mathieu ruhlmann, sawako, david velez, éric la casa, tessa elieff (tattered kaylor), chris whitehead, and artificial memory trace.

individual track details can be found on the release page.
for in depth reviews of some of our past releases, check out the field reporter 248 (issue #4) and 304 (issue #5).

each cdr is slow burnt onto a high quality disc, and is hand-decorated with custom-made rubber stamps, in keeping with the previous issues of the seasonal series. each is housed in an offset and folio printed sleeve from a local printing press, on paper from a local papermill, both here in the southeast estonian town of räpina. the insert as well is printed on additive-free paper from the räpina mill.

to order your copy donate €20 or more via the donations bar on the right-hand side of the framework website, or by clicking here. we'll be in touch to confirm the best shipping address. copies of previous issues of framework:seasonal are also still available - donate €20 or more per issue and let us know which ones you'd like!

alternatively, also from the framework website, you can sign up to make a regular monthly donation. you can contribute anywhere from 1€ to 50€ per month, and any subscription of 5€ or more automatically receives each new edition of framework:seasonal as they are released. please consider becoming a regular monthly donor! 

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