What is a Hospitable Leader?

If you've looked around the world lately, you know that a basic sense of hospitality is hard to find. The news is filled with shouting matches. Social media is hardly any different. None of us seem to agree with each other, and we're quick to point out why.

In truth, our world today is in dire need of hospitable leaders. That's one of the main reasons I wrote my book, The Hospitable Leader, that released last fall. And that's also why I plan on continuing to communicate this vital message in this brand new newsletter.

So with that, welcome to the first edition of The Hospitable Leader newsletter.

Moving forward, my goal with this newsletter is to expand on content found in the book and my corresponding messages. Twice per month, you'll receive insights on what it truly means to be a hospitable leader in your daily life – at work, at home, at your church, and in your community. This content has truly revolutionized the way I approach leadership. After all, this is the model Jesus set, so it's supposed to be life-changing!

So if you've never read the book, or if you just need a refresher, what exactly is a "hospitable leader?"

 "Hospitable leadership is about creating welcoming environments where leaders can effectively influence an ever-expanding diversity of people. "

More than anything, hospitable leadership is about creating welcoming environments where leaders can effectively influence an ever-expanding diversity of people. As leaders, we shouldn't just want to lead for the sake of leading. We should want to influence. We bring in people with our environments, then we keep them there through a mutual sense of making a difference and bringing about change in our churches, communities and world.

As hospitable leaders, we should be approaching leadership through a lens of love. We should not only seek to serve our followers but also work tirelessly to create organizational and company cultures that put people first. We should be authentic. We're not simply touting a bunch of core values on a wall in the boardroom. We're the real deal. Sure, we make mistakes, but every day we seek to follow and live these principles.

I'm sure you're already well-versed in the leadership realm. That's why I'll be very intentional about making sure this newsletter has applicable information you can use in your daily life. I hope to meet you where you are during the week, all with the goal of giving you fresh insight into becoming an even stronger leader than you already are. I pray that the ideas and concepts from The Hospitable Leader will change you, just like they've changed me, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

To hospitable leadership!      

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