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If you haven't noticed yet, the heat is in full-swing down here in Florida. For us, that means trips to the beach and tropical cocktails while we sit comfortably under the shade of a palm tree. But for boxers and other dogs, it can be dangerous! Do you know how hot your car gets in the summer with the windows up or why dogs with shorter snouts get hot more quickly? Read below to find out how to keep your dogs safe during the summer months.
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Summer Safety Tips

Never leave your dog in the car:
When it's 72 degrees outside, it can get as hot as 116 degrees in a closed car sitting in direct sunlight. Imagine how hot it would be on a 90-degree, sunny Florida day! 

Always provide enough fresh water:
While this is true throughout the year, dogs will tire and overheat more easily in the summer. There are plenty of dog bowls and water bottles for on-the-go families available.

Dogs can sunburn too:
Dogs, especially those with short hair, white fur and pink skin, can sunburn just like humans. Limit your dog's exposure during the day and apply sunscreen to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.

Be conscious of your dogs' paws:
No one likes running across hot asphalt or sand in the summer, and neither do dogs! It's easy to forget to think of your pup's feet when we're so used to wearing shoes, but a dog's paws can easily burn. Try and avoid prolonged exposure to hot surfaces.
What's up with all the panting?
According to the American Kennel Club, dogs that are brachycephalic, or short-faced, such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Japanese chins and Pekingese, have especially hard time in the heat because they do not pant as efficiently as longer-faced dogs. 

This means it's even more important to keep our Boxers in air-conditioning as much as possible this summer. 

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