Today’s Housing Promises Won’t Bear Fruit for at Least Two Years

Independent TD has today drawn attention to the timescale involved in today’s signing off by the Cabinet on the commitment to provide €2.2 billion for Social Housing over the next three years.  Ms Murphy has highlighted the fact that this €2.2 billion is actually committed as a total over the next three years – up to 2017, long after this Government’s term is due to end.
“When this measure was announced in the budget, I drew attention to the timeline. We are talking here about funds being committed for a period after the lifetime of this Government. The announcement today that this fund will be invested will not translate into actual housing being made available in the near future. We are still looking at a minimum of two years before we’re likely to see any houses completed.”
“While any investment in the area of housing is much needed and therefore very welcome, this is a longer-term response when in fact we urgently need a short-term response to deal with what is currently an emergency situation in housing. With over 90,000 on housing lists nationwide and private sector rents sky-rocketing, we need to be looking at measures that can address this in the here and now and not just two to three years down the line; measures such as a relaxing of the rent supplement limits for example. ”
“Even with this €2.2 billion investment, there is still only the promise of 30,000 new and refurbished homes in total and that is simply not enough to deal with the massive housing crisis that is underway. In the long term we must focus on developing a National Housing Strategy that takes all factors into account and also offers alternative housing options such as the provision of a viable long-term rental option and a professionally managed rental sector.”


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