KyG Touch Base - March 2017 

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Change is in the air

It’s been a while! Sorry for that. Why? Because Improvement takes time. We announced last year that we might have to resort to creative measures to remain in contact. Well, this is it!
What with our decisions for moving forward and our core activities not getting any less we will be using this new KyG Touch Base format to communicate the most urgent news. Due to time constraints we will be doing it only in English. The old newsletter isn’t gone, but we will have to think about when (and how often) we send it out again since it takes a full week to produce, also because we want to keep the three languages in accordance with the preference indicated by the outcome of the language survey.
In the meantime, although we’re now two months into 2017, we would again like to wish you the very best for the months ahead of us.
Cheers & Saludos!

Improvement takes time

In 2017 KyG is celebrating its financial independence along with its 18 years of existence. High time to see where we go from here. So we are in the process of pursuing improvement across the board by doing a complete review of all our operations and options towards a company reorientation. To create room for this we’ve paused the organization of concerts under own management for now.
As we see it, the road ahead is marked by two large projects: The ARIOSO CD and the creation of a KyG House to hopefully be able to offer concerts more regularly and more effectively in the future. 
Now that the Arioso piano trio project, paying homage to ‘El Oriente’ (eastern Cuba), is taking definite shape much work still needs to be done because it involves collaborating with two other musicians. Also, we would like to execute it well from start to finish, including PR and distribution, applying all the lessons that we have learned over the years from, among other things, our production of the Palimpsesto and Fresco CDs.
With the company reorientation and KyG House we’re looking at an all-encompassing strategy to maximize our potential in music, writing and art; revamping all our services; rolling out projects in the most progressive order, and at working from a headquarters that better befits our activities.
Besides translations to supplement Gustavo’s piano classes and the daily management of KyG, a lot of time has been dedicated to information gathering through courses and online, in an attempt to streamline and commercialize our operations. This trajectory was begun back in 2014, focusing on a wide variety of topics in relation to KyG's several focus areas, including about PR, financing, social media and innovation.
Clear progress was made and more clarity achieved in writing, composition and performance experience, justifying a continuation of the current path. This includes working towards that first CD with Karen’s own compositions and rounding off a Hay House course that is expected to lead to the completion of Karen’s first publication, which was simultaneously begun.
In the meantime Gustavo has finished memorizing the five pieces for piano solo by another composer, to complement the twelve arrangements and one composition for piano trio on the ARIOSO CD that are Gustavo’s own work. Cuban composer Yaniel Matos is also from the eastern part of Cuba and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. The piano solo pieces were exclusively written for the ARIOSO project.
Next on the agenda is the concert at the Central Library in The Hague on 9 April 2017. No concert announcement is currently planned since the regular library audience is expected to fill the space. We will continue to pursue more opportunities to present this evolution of the Cuban piano and art along with all our other concert formulas.

Pictures by KyG, Nicola Fraccaroli and Pixabay.



KyG stands for Karen and Gustavo in Spanish. We met in 1999, were married in 2001 and almost immediately began developing projects together. We became the V.O.F. (General Partnership) KyG Productions – a Chamber-of-Commerce-registered company – in 2011. Our roles within the company:

Karen D. Russel (artist name KDRdeCorrales) (Aruba)
Management, logistics, administration, content, creative design, translation, webmaster
Writer, composer, pianist, singer, visual artist and choreographer

Gustavo Corrales Romero (Cuba)
Concert pianist, writer, composer/musical arranger, visual artist
Co-management, content, creative design, translation

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