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Gustavo Corrales Romero
Friday, May 22, 2015

Showcase for FRESCO CD & some new additions to Gustavo's classical and contemporary Latin American music repertoire!

PLACE De Bovenkamer, Henk Hupkes Piano's • Vleugels
ADDRESS Dijnselburglaan 1 (Hall 20), Zeist
ADMITTANCE Free, voluntary contribution appreciated Guideline amount €15
RESERVATIONS Click here (registration form).
Optional:, 070 363 4102
PRINTABLES English | Nederlands

See you there! 



Latin American music by Gustavo Corrales Romero

For some time now, it has been Corrales' aim to present the surprisingly different and refreshing classical and contemporary Latin American music in which he specializes in a way that has proven audience appeal. This is to acquaint the public with the "other side" of Latin American culture, where most people are only familiar with Latin American popular music.


The Cuban-born Dutch pianist Gustavo Corrales Romero has enjoyed 17 years of professional musical training in the solid tradition of the Russian school for piano since he was 7, at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA, the Superior Institute for Art) in Havana, among others.

Corrales began public performances
at the age of 16. Over the years he has acquired a vast amount of podium experience through participation in many national and international festivals and as a concert pianist in South America, the Caribbean and several countries in Europe, especially in The Netherlands where he has been living and working with his wife since 2002. He currently presents himself as the specialist of classical and contemporary Latin American music that he is, and has his own production company KyG Productions – operative informally since 2000, established officially in 2011; producing CDs, books and concerts.

In 2007 Corrales obtained the
Dutch nationality. In the same year his debut as a writer, “Los Herederos”, written in Spanish, was accepted for publication with great enthusiasm by Ediciones EntreRíos and presented at the Miami Book Fair International. In the meantime Corrales has finished his 2nd book, which is being readied for publication and a suite of arrangements for piano trio to be recorded on his next CD.


Compilation of Latin American classical music for piano based on popular and  folkloric genres such as the waltz, danza, joropo, son, pasillo, tango and the habanera.
Fresco contains unpublished work (Trinitaria and Habanera by C. Fariñas),
first recordings (Sarabandio by K.D.R. de Corrales and the dances of L.G. Valdés) and an adaptation for piano by G. Corrales Romero of A. Barrios’ Vals no.3 for guitar, undertaken with the hope that, together with the other works, it is reminiscent of the charm of simplicity, the benefaction of the immediate and the everyday; and that it transports you, while you listen, away from your daily hustle and bustle.
Given an
enthusiastic review by ILAMS (The Iberian and Latin American Music Society, London):
“...unapologetically celebrates the spirit of dance and song, played in the most captivating manner.”
Link to full review.



Public transport
Approximately 30 minutes from Central Station Utrecht.
Bus 52 to Amersfoort, busstop Handelscentrum (Zeist).
Doubleback (2 minute walk).

By car: Routeplanner (in Dutch)



Ample free parking space in front of Henk Hupkes Piano's • Vleugels and in the neighborhood.




KyG stands for Karen and Gustavo in Spanish. We met in 1999, were married in 2001 and almost immediately began developing projects together. We became the V.O.F. (General Partnership) KyG Productions – a Chamber-of-Commerce-registered company – in 2011. Our roles within the company:

Karen D. Russel (artist name KDRdeCorrales) (Aruba)
Management, logistics, administration, content, creative design, translation, webmaster
Writer, composer, pianist, singer, visual artist and choreographer

Gustavo Corrales Romero (Cuba)
Concert pianist, writer, composer/musical arranger, visual artist
Co-management, content, creative design, translation


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