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Issue #3 - Back to basics

I thought to go a bit back to basics in this issue, as there seem to be a lot of interest about how to introduce the trait to others, who never heard about Sensory Processing Sensitivity. I included a couple of articles related to how to communicate with people about being highly sensitive, which I've found personally rather useful to revisit from time to time. I am hoping they may inspire you as well and boost your courage about "coming out" to the world more as an HSP. Another issue that I think could be good to know about, is the work of the National Centre for High Sensitivity, as people often seem to imagine a big-budget, high profile organization - expecting perhaps more events and support being avaliable for HSPs in the UK than what the NCHS is able to do at the moment. I'd like to write here a bit about the NCHS, as the reality is much less grandiose and also perhaps more exciting.

Introducing the National Centre for High Sensitivity

The National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS) was founded by Barbara Allen-Williams in 2010. For over ten years Barbara has been helping HSPs to turn around their lives and single-handedly pioneered awareness raising about Sensory Processing Sensitivity in the UK. The National Centre has grown out of Barbara’s therapy practice - as she has seen the transforming power of using information based on Elaine Aron’s research about high sensitivity. To make this information more widely available, she started to run HSP Meetup Groups first in Hampshire and more recently in London and Brighton. She also designed a variety of workshops related to SPS and how to make the most of this trait. The work of the NCHS is funded by income generated from its own events, workshops and services, so every time you sign up for a workshop or an HSP Meetup, you are also supporting our awareness raising work in the UK. We are very much still in a kind of grass roots stage, as only a handful of HSPs are helping Barbara to expand the services the NCHS is able to offer and build a community of HSPs informed about their trait in the UK. You can be part of all this by joining the online HSP community of the NCHS via  for free. You can be informed here about HSP events coming up and meet (at least virtually) other HSPs to discuss issues especially relevant to us.Your thoughts and ideas are very welcome on our discussion boards - we believe in the creative and transforming power of the community of like-minded people. There is also a similar sister site for the Hampshire HSP Meetups  and a fledgling website for the National Centre  you may want to check out for additional information. I personally feel quite privileged to be involved with helping the NCHS grow and help it become an organisation that can do more and more for bringing into public awareness what it means to be highly sensitive and what kind of environment and cultural attitudes will allow HSPs to flourish and be able to contribute more and more to our society.
HSP Meetup at the Friend's Meeting House

Brighton HSP Meetup

If you would like information on Sensory Processing Sensitivity and meet other HSPs, do come along to this gently facilitated Meetup supported by the National Centre for High Sensitivity. 
Our next Meetup will be on Saturday the 22nd of June 1:30-3pm. Read more about it on our Facebook page and do join our on-line community at, where you can RSVP and pay in advance (£10), if you'd like to attend. Looking forward to meeting you!

HSP picnic on the beach

I received quite a few enquiries from people interested to hear more about high sensitivity, who don't feel quite ready to attend our HSP Meetup groups or find it hard to pay for attending the Meetups. So I came up with the idea for a chance to meet fellow HSPs on Brighton beach in August. Bring some food to nibble and share around and come along to sit with us to have an informal chat and/or gaze at the sea in good company :) There will be further details on this in few weeks time on the NCHS Meetup site under Upcoming Events.
Brighton Beach picnic
Never apologise for being sensitive

Talking about being an HSP

One of the first questions highly sensitive people often seem to have is about how to talk about being an HSP to others, who never heard about this trait before. Elaine Aron writes about this in her Comfort Zone article. You can also subscribe to the excellent Comfort Zone newsletter at the bottom of the article by clicking on the "Join Our Mailing List" link.

What To Say To The Professionals

If you would like to talk to some professionals about high sensitivity, it can be useful to relate the trait to some concepts they would be familiar with already and to refer to it by it's proper clinical term: Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Elaine Aron writes in this article about how to talk to even the most sceptical professionals you may come across with. 
Stand Our Ground
Workshop with Barbara Allen-Williams

Introduction to living and working with the HSP trait

Still time to sign up to a workshop by Barbara Allen-Williams at the Link Centre on the 15th June with information on the HSP trait - including important details for professionals on identifying and working with sensory processing sensitivity. The day is suitable for HSPs themselves and Professionals. You can enquire about this excellent workshop and pay the Link Centre directly by going to this link. I can safely say that this workshop changed my life - I hope you may benefit just as greatly from this day of deepening your understanding about SPS.

Your Creativity Can Help!

The National Centre for High Sensitivity is planning an awareness raising exhibition about High Sensitivity. Read the letter from Barbara Allen-Willliams about it and get involved any way that would feel right for you! You can start by helping with the brainstorming of ideas at the Hampshire HSPs message board.

I don't know about you, but I am very excited about this idea! :)
Creativity = Intelligence Having Fun

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Basics Corner

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