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Welcome to Our First NCHS Newsletter!

I am pleased to present you our revamped HSP News - formerly the Brighton HSP News  - which has become the official newsletter of the National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS). We will continue with our intention to report about HSP-friendly events, now in the whole of UK, and sharing some articles, links and quotes that can expand your understanding about high sensitivity. We are also hoping to inspire you to make friends with your trait and create an authentic and harmonious life that fits you snugly, with all your sensitivities. If you are new to the concept of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (or SPS - the scientific term for high sensitivity), you can check out the basics at Elaine Aron's website, who wrote the seminal book: The Highly Sensitive Person, which changed the lives of millions of HSPs already. You can also browse at our Basics Corner, a regular feature at the bottom of this newsletter, which contain articles that are a good place to start to find out more about high sensitivity. You can also visit past issues of  the Brighton HSP News for further information ( Issues #1 and #3 are especially recommended for newcomers) where I have written in detail about the aims of this newsletter and introduced some concepts, people and organizations you may want to know about, if you are an HSP.

The format for this revamped national HSP newsletter is still a bit experimental - I imagine apart from the roughly two-monthly regular issues, we may send now and again a brief version out about some event or news that seems important enough to warrant that.  We welcome any suggestions you may have to include in our future issues - so feel free to write an e-mail to us (see contacts at the bottom of this newsletter) about anything you'd welcome seeing here or share with others. It can be a picture, a quote or a poem that resonated with you as an HSP; books, films or songs that have special relevance to us, or articles that you've come across or written. I'd like to encourage you to share things with us freely, so we can reflect here back a bit the rich tapestry of HSPs out there - and not just my own preferences.

Please also note that if you have received this issue without subscribing to it previously, than you will not receive any further issues, unless you subscribe to it yourself. I hope you'll enjoy what else we have in here for you and please share this with anyone else, who you feel might find information about HSPs useful.
HSP Meetup at the Friend's Meeting House

HSP Meetups

If you would like information on Sensory Processing Sensitivity and meet other HSPs, do come along to our gently facilitated Meetups supported by the National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS).

Brighton, Sussex

- 19th July 1:30-3pm
(with special guest: Barbara Allen-Williams, the founder of the NCHS :)

- 20th Sept 1:30-3pm.

Join and RSVP (£10) on

Longparish, Hampshire

- 4th Sept 6:30-8:30pm.

Join and RSVP (£4) on

Reading, Berkshire

- Monthly meetings on Sunday afternoons - next date TBC at the Meetup website below.

Join and RSVP (£5) on

Read more about  our meetups and join our on-line communities at the links above, where you can also RSVP and pay in advance, if you'd like to attend. Looking forward to meeting you!

HSP Events

RSVP and see further details about the events at the links below.

Annual HSP Summer Get-together
6th July, Longparish, Hampshire
Link to details

HSP Weekend Away
11-14th July, Bath, Somerset
Link to details

Rare Talk and Q&A for parents of sensitive children
29th July, Longparish, Hampshire
Link to details

HSP Life And Sensitivity Weekend
9-10th Aug, Longparish, Hampshire
Link to details

HSP Seminar for Therapists
30th Aug, Brighton, Sussex
Link to details

Events further ahead are listed at the NCHS website.
HSP Meetup at the Friend's Meeting House

OK, so I am an HSP - Now What?

Discovering, understanding and coming to terms with the idea that you are a Highly Sensitive Person usually doesn't happen overnight. When you first realise that you are an HSP, it may not be clear what does this really mean and how you may benefit from this new "label". Peter Messerschmidt's excellent article maps out the journey from first coming across this concept to turning this information to your advantage. Highly recommended reading - especially, if you just learned that you are an HSP and want to find your next step.

Opportunity to Help Making a Film about HSPs

A very exciting news for all HSPs: Dr. Elaine Aron is planning to produce a documentary film suitable for TV broadcast about High Sensitivity :)  The documentary will be funded by crowd-funding, so we can all contribute to help this important film being made, with as little (or as much) as we can put towards this. See further details about the current plans and let's keep all our fingers crossed that this will become a reality!

HSPs in the Workplace – from Shame to Fame

Janine Ramsay wrote an important article about the issues Highly Sensitive People face at work. According to her, the time is ripe to challenge prejudices about sensitivity at the workplace. HSPs can provide vital information to management about changes that make real difference, because we are the first people to start thriving when healthy work practices are put in place. With our ability to process complex issues and see the bigger picture, we can also become key personnel in smart organisations, helping them to evolve in our challenging times. Every employee, business manager and HR professional could benefit from reading this - so please share this with as many people as possible.

Can HSPs Create a Thriving Business?

Finding ways to make the most of our strengths and learn to manage the challenging aspects of being a Highly Sensitive Person seems to be especially challenging in the workplace. Many HSPs choose to be self-employed due to this, which allows you to shape your work around what suits you best. Marianne Cantwell, an inspirational HSP, created a successful business based on the idea of creating work closely tailored to your needs. She shares her valuable tips in her video about how she made her business working in harmony with her sensitivity.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our newsletter, HSP events / meetups, or the work of the National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS) feel free to contact our team below. Click on the name to send us an e-mail.

Barbara Allen - Williams
Founder & Director of NCHS
HSP Meetup Facilitator in Hampshire & Berkshire
NCHS Workshop Facilitator / Trainer
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Ildiko Davis
NCHS Newsletter Editor
HSP Meetup Facilitator in Sussex
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Basics Corner

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