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HSP News #7 - Hello Again

This edition of the newsletter comes after something of a break, but I am hopeful that you will not have so long to wait for the next one.

Alas, due to Barbara Allen-Williams's (the director of the NCHS) health in the last 12 months, there have been less Meetups and events at the beginning of this year, as Barbara had to cut down on events that she was organising personally in order to give time for recuperation. We wish her from our heart a speedy recovery, as her work and her inspiring presence is simply irreplaceable!

More on the upside, we are currently looking into setting up ways to organise NCHS events for HSPs that you can attend on-line. This will allow more of you being able to access events that you would not be able to attend otherwise. Hopefully we can soon report about this to you in more detail.

The past year has brought many new developments for highly sensitive people worldwide and in the UK. There is now a fantastic new documentary available about HSPs on DVD in many languages, which will hopefully increase public awareness about our trait and make our lives a bit easier in the future. The income generated from this film will be also funding more research by the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons.

Here in the UK,  the website of the National Centre for High Sensitivity has been filled with useful information for HSPs and we have also expanded areas where we organise HSP Meetups and events in the UK. In our newsletter we have kept you up to date about HSP related news and brought to your attention the best articles, interviews and resources we came across, which you may have found useful.  You can read the most recent update about the work of the National Centre for High Sensitivity in a personal letter written by Barbara Allen Williams, the founder of the NCHS.

Finally, this maybe a good time to remind you that we welcome any suggestions you may have to include in our future issues of this newsletter. So, feel free to e-mail us (see contacts at the bottom of this newsletter) about anything you'd welcome seeing here or share with others. It can be a picture, a quote or a poem that resonated with you as an HSP; books, films or songs that have special relevance to us, or small pieces or articles that you've come across or written. I'd like to encourage you to share things with us, so we can reflect back a bit more the rich tapestry of HSPs out there. I hope you'll enjoy what else we have in here for you in this newsletter and please share this with anyone else, who you feel may find information about HSPs useful.
HSP Meetup at the Friend's Meeting House

HSP Meetups

If you would like information on Sensory Processing Sensitivity and meet other HSPs, do come along to our gently facilitated Meetups supported by the National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS).

Brighton, Sussex

- 11th June 1:30-3pm
- New facilitator wanted for future Meetups in Brighton from Sept 2016! (Assistance will be provided.)

Join and RSVP (£10) on

Andover, Hampshire

- 7th July 6:30-8:30pm
- 3rd Sept 10:30-12:30am
- 7th Oct 6:30-8:30pm
- 5th Nov 10:30-12:30am

Join and RSVP (£5) on

Exeter, Devon - New!

- 28th June 6:30-8pm
- 2nd Aug 6:30-8pm
- 25th Oct 6:30-8pm

Join and RSVP (£10) on

Reading, Berkshire

- 15th May 2:30-4:00pm

Join and RSVP (£5) on

Cookham, Berkshire - New!

- 18th June 1:30-3:30pm

Join and RSVP (£10) on

Read more about  our meetups and join our on-line communities at the links above, where you can also RSVP and pay in advance, if you'd like to attend. Looking forward to meeting you!

HSP Events

RSVP and see further details about the events at the links below.

Meetup for HSP Therapists
14th May, Brighton, Sussex
Link to details

London HSP Book Group - New Discovery!
28th May, London, Greater London
Link to details

HSP Rest and Graze - New!
5th June, Andover, Hampshire
Link to details

London HSP Social - New Discovery!
Date TBC, London, Greater London
Link to details

Meetup for HSP Therapists
9th July, Brighton, Sussex
Link to details

Professionals CPD - Introduction to SPS
Date: TBC, Andover, Hampshire
Link to details

HSP Christmas Mingle
16th Dec, Andover, Hampshire
Link to details

Events further ahead are listed at the NCHS website.
HSP Meetup at the Friend's Meeting House

Your Hidden Strength

Grace Marshall quotes: "Our weaknesses are just our strengths in the wrong environment" in her insightful article. This is relevant for most people and not just highly sensitive people, but I felt HSPs would particularly benefit from reading her thoughts regarding how some strengths can be perceived as weaknesses. If you struggle with accepting your highly sensitive nature, you could really benefit from reading this and think about the suggested questions you could ask yourself. I also loved the poem: Don’t Change, Extraordinary One by Rachel Macy Stafford, which finishes the article - an inspiring read for HSPs.

NCHS Directory

I would like to bring to your attention to a slowly growing directory of helping professionals in the UK who have attended the NCHS introductory training for Professionals on Sensory Processing Sensitivity (the clinical term for high sensitivity). There are of course many more people who attended this training, it is just a bit slow to get together the details from them. So, I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone, who attended the training with Barbara Allen-Williams to add your details to this directory by sending an email to Ildiko Davis.  We would really like to make it easier for HSPs to find professionals aware about their trait, and this is just another way that we could do that.
Basics Corner

Highly Sensitive Children at School

One of the most common enquiries received by the National Centre for High Sensitivity is from parents of Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs), who are struggling at school. I am happy to share with you this article , which was written by Barbara Allen - Williams, the founder of the NCHS, to explore this issue. Reading this is a good starting point for all parents of HSCs, especially if you or your child could do with some extra support.

HSPs and Self Care

Highly sensitive people absorb more information from their environment, deeply process all that they observe and feel more intense emotions about what they notice. No wonder, that all this creates a lot of extra stimulation, which takes a hard toll on us, making us more prone to overwhelm and burn-out. This is why self care is not a luxury, but an essential thing for all HSPs, who want to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life. In her article, Barbara Allen - Williams looks at this important and complex issue in a holistic way, considering many physical and psychological aspects related to this topic.

An Introduction to Floating

Living in a world which is dominated by sensory overload and ‘busyness’, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time necessary to enable our bodies and minds to return to their natural state of relaxation, particularly following a busy or stressful day, event or time in our lives. Our new newsletter contributor, Liz Fraser, suggests in her article that Floating can be the perfect antidote to that.

HSPs in the Media

It is really encouraging coming across with more and more broadcasts that aim to introduce the trait of high sensitivity to the mainstream audience. This in-debth interview on the Huffington post website is a rather good introduction about high sensitivity from a variety of perspectives. Perhaps the only frustrating thing about this is the title they chose for this interview: "Why Highly Sensitive People Are More Vulnerable" - which is focusing yet again on the downside of high sensitivity. But perhaps this is just because journalists may know more about what sort of a title would raise interest in the general public...

A Sensitive Revolutionary

I am very happy to share this inspiring interview with Maria Hill about a true sensitive revolutionary of our times. Ane Axford talked to Maria Hill in the interview about her forthcoming book, The Emerging Sensitive, and ways in which our culture is evolving and where we, highly sensitive people, belong in it. You maybe familiar with Maria's articles about HSPs - we shared few of those here too - from her excellent website HSP Health, which was recently renamed: Sensitive Evolution - Self Actualization For Gentle Souls. Her new book is full of great, practical resources and she shares a few of those insights during the interwiew, as well. Her book is available at: The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide for Finding Your Place in the World

Rescuing vs. Empowerment

Jenna Avery's article is a very timely reminder about the big difference between assisting others to empower themselves, versus taking responsibility for others. Once you truly understand the massive difference between empowerment and rescuing - the nature of your true responsibilites will become clearer and you will be able help others in a lot more meaningful way without burning yourself out. Thank you Jenna for your wise words about this important issue that is so relevant for many HSPs!

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