Montessori Education Week, Professional Development Opportunities, and More!
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Montessori Education Week
February 28 through March 5, 2016
109 years since the founding of the first Casa 

Is your school participating?
What is your school doing to celebrate MEW?
What is your school doing to spread the word about Montessori Education?
It is not too late to make your community aware of Montessori Education!
Be sure to make your celebration meaningful to the children and families in your community and also invite the press, take photos and publicize it before and after your events.

Ideas . . . .
Host a Montessori night
Have a neighborhood “Getting to Know You” day
Decorate your school or a storefront
Have a Montessori “Walk for Peace”
Have a bubble release
Perform or share with the community
Have students write letters about Montessori education to the newspaper
Have students design a Montessori Education poster to post in your school or community
Send letters to your “graduates” asking them to share the benefits of their Montessori education

For more ideas visit the Montessori Education Week webpage at
Also share your school’s celebration on the Montessori Education Week Facebook page at
OMA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Montessori Math -- From Counting to Calculus!
A Math Workshop at Your Level!
The Montessori Math materials are Three-Dimensional, Multi-Sensory, Manipulative, Self-Correcting, a Geometric Representation of Concrete Concepts, promote Active, Discovery Learning, and encourages Collaborative Learning.  This workshop is designed support Educators in using the Montessori Math materials at each level to their full potential.
Infant and Toddler
Math can be included in many of everyday activities with the young child. Through participation you will learn how you can stimulate the child’s interest in numbers and the patterns of math.
Early Childhood
Explore the integration of the Montessori Math materials.  Learn techniques to help children discover math concepts. Explore variations in presentations to support the child’s discovery of concepts.
Elementary I
Discover the potential of the Elementary Montessori Math materials and their ability to support the student in discovering the rule or algorithm.   Learn ways to ask questions, look for patterns and structure follow-up work to excite your students.
Elementary II
Find ways to help the upper elementary learners engage in exploration and creative thinking with the Montessori materials and challenge them to higher-level thinking and creative problems solving. 
Help students use higher-order thinking skills to solve problems in a variety of areas from practical money transactions, algebraic relationships and equations, probability and statistics in a connected and problem-centered approach.

Click here to register 

For more information contact: Rosann Larrow at 330-962-4727 or
Registration deadline – Friday, March 11, 2016
CMS Conference  

Registration is open and filling fast for the CMS Annual Conference!  Click here to learn more!  We hope to see you there!

FREE Workshops Hosted By Xavier
University Montessori Institute (XUMI)

The Xavier University Montessori Institute (XUMI) is hosting a series of FREE Montessori Professional Development Workshops!  Click here to register.

Distinguished Ohio Montessorian 2016
Whose name can the Ohio Montessori Alliance put on the Distinguished Ohio Montessorian plaque for 2016 to be recognized for outstanding Montessori work in the state of Ohio? 
Purpose of the Distinguished Ohio Montessorian Recognition Project:
  1. To honor Ohio Montessorians
  2. To contribute to developing / extending the History of Montessori in Ohio
Guidelines for the Distinguished Ohio Montessorian Recognition Project:
  1. A minimum of 25 years as a Montessorian or supporter of Montessori
  2. Contribution to Montessori in the classroom, in a school community, in Ohio, in the USA, or worldwide
  3. Has spent a majority of his/her Montessori career in the State of Ohio
To nominate someone for OMA’s Distinguished Ohio Montessori 2016 to be recognized for his/her work for Montessori Education in Ohio, please complete the nomination form on the Ohio Montessori Alliance’s webpage
Nominations must be entered no later than June 1, 2016.
For questions or more information on OMA’s Distinguished Ohio Montessori Recognition Project please contact:   Peter and Rosann Larrow
2950 Ridge Road
Norwalk, Ohio 44957
E-mail –
Phone:  330-962-4727
Distinguished Ohio Montessorians
2014                                           2015 (Picture)
Marta Donahoe               Natalie S. Bluestone
Laurie Ewert-Krocker      Joan Irwin Ducas
Lynn Fisher                     Betty Hissong
David Kahn                     Sister Mary Motz (not
Martha McDermott                                pictured)
Virginia “Ginny” Varga

Distinguished Ohio Montessorians 2015 to be
        honored in 2016
                                         Patricia McFarlane
                                         Debra Hershey Guren

A Father Writes a Letter to Himself Without Knowing It

By: Jeff Groh

This post originally appeared in the Cincinnati Montessori Society – Online Newsletter, Issue 23, Winter 2016.  Reprinted here with permission from the author.

In 2013, I became a father. I had been a Montessori teacher for 13 years and started imagining the type of education I wanted for my newborn son. As an exercise, I wrote a letter to the fictitious principal that would one day be in charge of my son’s elementary school years. I rediscovered the letter recently while rearranging my office at home. It was perfect timing, because my son will start at The New School Montessori in the fall of 2016, and it just so happens that I was recently selected as the principal.

Dear Principal,

I am sending my son to your school because I believe it will be the best place for him to grow up loving to learn. A love that I hope develops strongly enough to stay with him for a lifetime.

I hope he is taught in an environment where lessons are presented in ways such that discoveries are made through experimentation and dialogue, rather than passed down as information to memorize. I hope his learning isn’t measured on a scale that intimidates or implies that the purpose of school is to see how smart he is instead of as an opportunity to deepen his love and commitment to understanding himself and the world around him.

So, on his 6th grade American History test, if he forgets the date of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, I hope your teachers will understand him well enough to not allow his low score to overshadow how he loved the way the speech sounded when he first heard it or how it prompted him to read a book on Lincoln’s life, even though he wouldn’t be tested on it.

I would hate to think that he memorized every “right” answer provided to him rather than search for both questions and answers on his own. I would like him to be impacted by books he loves, and the ideas that might inspire him to pursue a career in public policy, law, or social work. I want my son to realize that the joys of “being smart” in the world pale in comparison to the joys of feeling connected to the world.

Without nurturing the joy and love that comes from acquiring new knowledge, whether its on “the test” or not, turns schools into imitations of what we actually want for our children. They imitate growth and accomplishment while quietly extinguishing the motivation for real growth and accomplishment -joy!

Please let us know if your school is celebrating a milestone year of service to children or of other celebrations or gratitudes.  Send info to Rosann Larrow at
Job Opportunities
Firelands Montessori Academy in lovely Huron, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie is seeking a Head of School.
Check out this opportunity and other listings at OMA's Resources - Job Opportunities page.  
The OMA is a non-profit organization cultivating the structures, skills, and conditions for collaboration to flourish within and beyond the Ohio Montessori community.  We're working better together to strengthen support for Montessori schools and champion the needs of children. 

If you yearn to create greater impact on behalf of children, we welcome you to join this movement for change!   Click here to learn more.

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