crafting through chaos & July's blog post round up
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Hey there,

Whenever life feels particularly chaotic.

Personal chaos, national chaos, international chaos, scary chaos, exciting chaos, saddening chaos, doesn't matter.

Whatever the cause of the chaos happens to be, when life gets chaotic, I often find myself turning to making.

Knitting, or sewing, or writing, or building - making is a constant. So, I find myself making things. Pulling comfort from the steady, consistent, rhythm of creation. (This time around, it's writing & editing words about shawl shapes.)

And then there's generally a layer or two of guilt. Guilt for not engaging, for not having quite the right words, for having such a reliable source of comfort. And then the guilt for the guilt - for making something about me, when it is not about me.

And then I remember that art, and craft, and making, and creating, are valuable even (and particularly?) when life is chaotic and uncertain.

So I return to making things.

Blog Post Round Up

How do we decide when it's time to throw a piece of clothing out?
Last month I mended my favorite pair of black jeans, which got me thinking a lot about clothing, mending, and when we decide it’s time to throw a piece of clothing away.

Most, easily accessible, cheap clothing is not created to last. When it comes to fast & disposable fashion most attention is focused on the creation of a garment (which should absolutely be getting attention).

But it means that almost no attention is given to the end of a garment’s life cycle - which is actually the moment of garment’s life cycle that we (as consumers) have the most individual control over.

A piece of clothing isn’t “disposable fashion” until we throw it out.

Weekly, Wednesday, What's in the Works...
Every Wednesday I blog a short post about what projects I’m working on, and what’s swirling around in my brain - sort of a weekly taking stock.

I’ve done this every week for over two years. Some weeks writing these posts is a breeze, and some weeks it’s not, but it’s a weekly check-in - checking in with my crafting projects, and checking in with the blog.

Ultimately, it’s a wonderful container for recording (and peeking in on) my making habits and crafty rhythms.

Some of my favorite Wednesday check-in posts:
Crafty rhythm – some weeks I work on all the projects
When did making clothing by hand become the path of least resistance in my life?
Knitting by a pool in January
Typing isn’t very photogenic and coming back with fresh eyes is all part of the process

The Shawl Geometry Books Update - update
Last time I wrote to you, I was getting ready to scribble all over these books in purple pen. And scribble away I have.

Scribbles have been scribbled, scribbles have been typed, technical editors have been contacted, and more rounds of scribbles lay ahead.

As always, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

(And if you want to get a head start, you can dive in to shawl shaping with the books as they currently stand - you can buy them here, and be the first to get the updated books when they’re finished.)
Talk soon!

PS. you can always hit reply & me an email, or leave a comment on the blog!
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