‘Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation, as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn.’ 

Joseph Addison, Spectator, no. 166

10 Books that Made Us Jump - Must-Read Novels For Halloween

The month of October has become synonymous with a distinct holiday — Halloween.  

Scary stories have been shared for generations and are an important part of our oral and written history. Though it might not be for everyone, we could not let the season pass without sharing 10 must-read novels for Halloween that explore the grim and gruesome, and the spooky or otherworldly.  

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Literary News

Shehan Karunatilaka has won the Booker Prize 2022 for his novel, The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida. The announcement was made by Neil MacGregor, Chair of the 2022 judges, in a ceremony at the Roundhouse, London, on October 17. 

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October Featured Book

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf [B0381] 

Published almost 100 years ago, this landmark feminist polemic is based on a lecture given at Girton College Cambridge. Woolf’s blazing writing on female creativity, on the role of the writer, and on the silent fate of Shakespeare’s imaginary sister remains a powerful reminder of a woman’s need for financial independence and intellectual freedom. 

October Giveaway

This month we have 2 x 2 reading selections to give away. 

In Moonland, by Miles Allinson 

In present-day Melbourne, a man attempts to piece together the mystery of his father’s apparent suicide, as his young family slowly implodes. At the ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in 1976, a man searching for salvation must confront his capacity for violence and darkness.

And in a not-too-distant future, a woman with a life-altering decision to make travels through a climate-ravaged landscape to visit her estranged father. This is a portrait of three generations, each grappling with their own mortality. Spanning the wild idealism of the 70s through to the fragile hope of the future, it is a novel about the struggle for transcendence and the reverberating effects of family bonds.  

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Ill Feelings, by Alice Hattrick 

This is a collective biography of medically unexplained illness. Structured around the narrative of their own ill feelings, Alice Hattrick uncovers their and their mother’s case histories, and branches out into the records of ill health that women have written about in diaries and letters.  

In 1995, Alice’s mother collapsed with pneumonia. She never fully recovered and was eventually diagnosed with ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Then Alice got ill. Their symptoms mirrored their mother’s and appeared to have no physical cause; they received the same diagnosis a few years later. Ill Feelings blends memoir, medical history, biography, and literary nonfiction to uncover both of their case histories, and branches out into the records of ill health that women have written about in diaries and letters. Their cast of characters includes Virginia Woolf and Alice James, the poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Emily Dickinson, John Ruskin’s lost love Rose la Touche, the artist Louise Bourgeois, and Florence Nightingale. 

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The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida by Clarissa Goenawan 

A bewitching novel set in contemporary Japan about the mysterious suicide of a young woman. Miwako Sumida is dead. Now those closest to her try to piece together the fragments of her life. Ryusei, who has always loved her, follows Miwako’s trail to a remote Japanese village.

Chie, Miwako’s best friend, was the only person to know her true identity – but is now the time to reveal it? Meanwhile, Fumi, Ryusei’s sister, is harbouring her own haunting secret. 

Together, they realise that the young woman they thought they knew had more going on behind her seemingly perfect façade than they could ever have dreamed. 

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The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy 

A debut novel set on the brink of catastrophe, as a young woman chases the world’s last birds – and her own final chance for redemption. A dark past. An impossible journey. The will to survive. How far you would you go for love? Franny Stone is determined to go to the end of the earth, following the last of the Arctic terns on what may be their final migration to Antarctica. As animal populations plummet and commercial fishing faces prohibition, Franny talks her way onto one of the few remaining boats heading south.

But as she and the eccentric crew travel further from shore and safety, the dark secrets of Franny’s life begin to unspool. A daughter’s yearning search for her mother. An impulsive, passionate marriage. A shocking crime. Haunted by love and violence, Franny must confront what she is really running towards – and from. From the west coast of Ireland to Australia and remote Greenland, through crashing Atlantic swells to the bottom of the world, this is an ode to the wild places and creatures now threatened, and an epic story of the possibility of hope against all odds. 

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