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Which is your   favorite Pug?

    Have you noticed how         popular black pugs are                  becoming?

 PRESIDENT'S CORNER                     By Libby Jean

          A year ago this month, we lost our precious Sophie. At 12 years old, we thought we would have her a few more years.  She had been part of our home all of her 12 years, and she had always been pretty healthy.  Yet, pneumonia set in, and we were not able to save her.  As I’m sure all of you have experienced, it was heartbreaking.   
       In May, we brought home a three month old puggle named Henry.  And suddenly, our home is in “puppy mode”.  We are dealing with potty training, chewing furniture, and crate training.  And even though Henry seems to want to please us, he is fighting giving in to our obedience expectations.  
training can be a thankless job.  Just when we think we are making progress, Henry relapses into full "I'm not listening" mode.  
He has left a graveyard of chewed up  shoes, stolen, socks, and even a stray pink bra. He ran around the back yard with it wrapped around his neck like a superhero cape.
        And yet, as each challenged-filled day comes to an end, a sleepy, sweet Henry quietly nudges his way up into my lap for a slumber.  I realize again how much I adore this little guy.  Every rough moment is worth this one divine moment.  He has me wrapped around his little paw.  I love Henry. 
        Henry is going to be a lion this Halloween!  Maybe I will post a picture to the Facebook page.  I would love to see the costumes your pugs are wearing this Halloween!   
           As a side note, October is also time for our Mid-Michigan Pug Club elections.  Please consider serving this incredible rescue as a board member.  It is wonderful, fulfilling work! 
I hope this fall is full of wonderful pug memories for you! 


Brindles are surging in               popularity  also.
                                            Ferry's Grumble
We were first introduced to pugs twelve years ago when our son brought his pug, Max home from Arizona.  Max bonded with Al and in time became our pug - mostly Al's.    Max traveled with us everywhere: a cabin up north, Florida, and California.  While Max loved me, he remained closest to Al, so I told Al, "When I retire, I want to foster pugs."  He appeased me as he always does, and on a return trip from Florida I saw a post from Mid Michigan Pug Club which stated they were in need of foster homes.  After broaching the subject with Al, I contacted MMPC, sent off the information and within an hour heard back, and we became Vinnie's foster home.  Vinnie was 100% my pug.  I got kisses galore! When I was told he was ready for adoption, I burst into tears. I could not let him go, and so we adopted Vinnie. That's him on the back of the sofa. 
       A couple of months later, in April, we received a call about two pugs in need of a foster home. The call came from a woman who rescues horses and other livestock.  Since her rescue was full, she reached out to MMPC who in turn contacted me about Lucky, a 12 year old fawn, and Ebony, a 6 year old black pug, both with rear end issues. Because they had been kept in a basement, they would spend hours on our deck or in the grass soaking up the sunshine.  
       As we were preparing to vacation at our cabin, Vinnie found a way to climb onto the dining room table and eat two pounds of hunters sausage.  We later lost him to pancreatitis.  I was devastated.  Ebony did not leave my side and started to enjoy cuddling.  After our vacation, she had what looked like a seizure and threw up blood. We rushed her MSU.  It was determined she had Addison's and now takes daily medication.

       By now we were fimly attached and decided Lucky and Ebony needed to be ours permanently.  Both pugs have Pug Myelopathy.  Lucky actually carried two copies of the gene, which had not been seen before.  We began hydro and laser therapy for both dogs.                                 Lucky loves to explore his surroundings.  While in Florida visiting my sister for Christmas, he wandered off and found a trash bag that needed investigating.  The photo above is the result.  That's also Lucky with his tongue out on the left. Lucky, just being Lucky, has been able to help other dogs.  While using his wheels on that trip, a man saw him "rolling along"  and got wheels for his golden retriever.  Lucky later became part of the research in the Pug Myelopathy study at MSU.  Letting that sweet boy go was the hardest decision, but, the right decision.  
As for Ebony, pictured below, she is in wheels full time now.  She still has good upper body strength and can maneuver quite well without them, even beating me to the kitchen at dinner time.  She is stilll a cuddler, and has minor separation anxiety when I leave, but she is a sweetheart, and just a tad spoiled.  Pretty in pink for her 8th birthday.
Max never got close to Ebony or Vinnie, but he adored Lucky.  During the last two months of Max's life he'd even let Ebony lay with him.  We lost Max this past June.  Ebony now has undivided attention and is relishing it every minute.  We are currently on an extended vacation and this last photo I entitled "From basement to the Badlands and beyond."   I'm so glad I contacted MMPC. While it has been hard to loose our three boys in two years, we would have never had all those laughs and all that love!                 submitted by Kelly Ferry

        Recently, white pugs         are appearing "out and        about"  more frequently.   
     Adoptable Rescue Mugsy

Mugsy will be eight years old in October. He is an adorable healthy boy who seems to love all people. He is not so keen however, on sharing his belly scratches with other dogs. He must go to a home where there are way more laps than pups asking for attention. He would even do great as an only dog. He is current on all his medical needs and is completely housebroken and crate trained. Request applications at

          Adoptable rescue Frankie on
                     Medical Hold

         Frankie is a ten year old who was surrendered to an animal shelter. When they tried to take blood from him for a heart worm test, he asphyxiated and they had to perform CPR in order to revive him. They felt he was not a candidate for a neuter at that time. Frankie has seen our Vet and has been diagnosed with extreme dry eye that requires daily medication. 

          He has a cough which may be a partially collapsed trachea or chronic bronchitis. He has notable weakness in his back legs, possibly due to hip dysplasia. Frankie also has very bad teeth. He is heart worm negative and is scheduled for a dental and a neuter at which time xrays will be taken, to confirm the diagnosis for his breathing and back leg issues. Frankie will be on Medical hold until after his surgeries and further diagnosis of his medical issues. If you would like to help Frankie please send donations to Mid Michigan Pug Club via PayPal on our website or on our Facebook Page. Thank you.
Lessons from a paralyzed dog
CBD Awareness Project

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   Whether your pug is          black, brindle, fawn, white,        or with wheels...      Love the one you're with!
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