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October 2021
Did you know the Pug.....
- was known in Europe as the Dutch mastiff, dwarf Mastiff or Dutch Pug?
 - The dog authority, Stonehenge (John Henry Walsh), suggested the pug name came from the Latin word pugnus, meaning fist.
- In Holland the pug is often known as mopshond meaning "to grumble," which  may explain why we call a group of pugs a grumble! 

       President's Corner
  By Libby Jean

Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Michigan was empty and silent in June 2020.  The state of emergency in response to the raging pandemic caused businesses to close and people to shelter in place. 

Spending a Saturday in June at Fitzgerald Park has been a “pug thing” for as long as I can remember.  An eclectic group of pug lovers gather together annually under pavilion #6.  The scent of brats, hotdogs and hamburgers waft through the air as Grill-Master Joe Jean, and his helper, Janice Jean, prepare the lunch fare.  Treasurer and Secretary, Carolyn and Betty, line the picnic tables with loads of pug regalia for the silent auction.  Vice-President, Cathy Wilhm, leads the pug visitors through a series of games.  Which pug had the curliest tail?  Which pug had the cutest costume?  How many hotdogs did your pug eat?  Adoption Coordinator, Gwynne Turner uses her megaphone to invite all to join in on the cake walk. Joe & Stacy Ketchum set up the fence, bring the logo cake, and lend a hand wherever they can.

It was a long, quiet year without the sounds of snorting pugs and laughter at Fitzgerald Park.  It was all the more thrilling for all of us at Mid-Michigan Pug Club to be able to host the annual Pugnic again this past June 19 under our favorite pavilion near the big red barn.  If you were there, you know it poured rain on us throughout the afternoon.  Yet, no one seemed to care much about that.  We were together again.  We could see the smiles on faces, smell the food sizzling on the grill, and we could hear the sweet sounds of pug snorts all around us.  It was heaven on earth.   

 "Pug in hybrid car causes high             electrical bill."     (spell check doesn't catch everything)
Did you know that many well known people have had pugs?
- William Prince of Orange's pug, Pompey, alerted         William to an attack and saved his life
 - Josephine, Napolean's wife, sent messages under her pug's collar when she was imprisoned during the French revolution.
- Queen Victoria had as many as 38 pugs during her reign  including Olga, Pedro, Minka, Fatima,and Venus.
- Duke & Duchess of Windsor          
- Harriet Beecher Stowe             
- Prince Rainier & Princess Grace of Monaco       

Olivia deHavilland  
Paul Winfield 
George Eliot  
Libby Jean  
Stan Lee 
Andy Warhol 
Hugh Lauri 
Billy Joel  
Lena Horn
Robin Williams 
Mickey Rourke 
(yes, really)   
Winston Churchill
       Recent Adoptees
    Kent, Meatball, Bella, Luci, Draco, Oscar, Dozer, Diesel, Nova, Dancer, Sauci, Bindi, Barney, Ruger, and Rosie were placed in forever homes in 2020 and 2021   All of us thank  every donor who has supported pug rescue. Here's the list since our last newsletter!
April Kleindl
Libby & Janice Jean
Jim & Linda Potter
Bridget Ondra
Erica Lynn
Sally Schoof
Aaron Smith
Elizabeth Williams
Gwynne & Roy Turner
Chris Verbal
Alex & Shelly Vince & the girls
Jan, Lewis & Jesse Williams
Jerry & Cathy Wilhm
Diane Rismann
Carolyn Williams
Jamie Krasnodemski
Rebeka Rosebrugh
Cassandra Goulding
Emma Schubert
Alan Murray
Brian & Brandi Killian
Paul Hildebrand
   Donna Bracher
   Doris Zhang
 Robin Ross
    Jill Patch
 Moungi Slim
 Stacy & Joe Ketchum
     Olivia Bryant
  Hannah Jackson
Connie & George Hanson
   Cindy & Randall Flynn
    John Moquist
    Kendra Anderson
    Michele Abraham
      Al & Kelly Ferry
                     Cece Jean                     
   Margie Ceh
    Angelina & Kevin Dobiesz
Sandy Kasem
James B. Doyle
Joe & Tina Jean

             Popular Xylitol Products can Poison Your Dog     
       Information taken from an article by Dr. Nancy Kay DVM DACVIM

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is safe for human consumption, but is toxic for dogs. In fact, it can be deadly. In dogs and cats xylitol causes a marked increase in insulin release and drop in blood sugar and is the basis for xylitol toxicity with symptoms such as weakness, trembling, seizures, collapse, and even death.  At higher dosages, xylitol can cause massive liver destruction, known as necrosis.

Vomiting is often the first symptom of xylitol toxicity. Emergency treatment is warranted after a dog consumes xylitol. If vomiting can be successfully induced within the first thirty minutes or so (before the xylitol leaves the stomach), the problem may be solved. Once xylitol leaves the stomach  and triggers the pancreas to produce insulin, a trip or phone call to a vet is in order.   Xylitol can be found in:  toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, peanut butter, sugar- free candy, sugar- free breathe mints, fruits drinks, jellies and jams, cereals, baked goods, sugar-free puddings and Jello, and over the counter vitamin supplements.

If you believe that your dog has just eaten (as in you just watched it happen) something containing xylitol, contact a veterinary hospital staff member right away. You might be advised to induce your dog to vomit at home. This is accomplished by forcing your dog to swallow hydrogen peroxide.

PUGNIC       JUNE 18, 2022
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