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Exotic Flames - August 2013 Newsletter

The Mobile Website Version is Finally Done!

Visit the websiteFirst, we installed a mobile version of our shopping cart system.  That was the most important piece.  Last week, we completed the task by creating a mobile version of our static webpages.  We created a summarized version of the website, keeping the most important things, like the photo galleries and the online tools (burner size calculator, glass quantity calculator, etc.).  That way, if a customer or contractor is in the field or backyard and only has their smart phone available, they can perform calculations and order products from the convenience of their phone, and do so efficiently.

If you are viewing this on your phone, scan the QR code above, to be taken to the home page and then have fun exploring.

The Most Recent Product Addition - Fire Tables

Fire TablesWhen a product is Made in America, it is really a "win" all the way around.  It keeps jobs right here in America but it usually provides a level of quality that surpasses imported products.  These Fire Tables are certainly no exception.  I am really excited about this new product line because of the exceptional value versus the cost.

I have seen many styles of prefabricated fire pits and fire tables.  Most of them I see nowadays are imported.  The materials they are made from don't even come close to the materials used in the new line of FlameCraft Fire Tables that we are offering.  Fire TablesJust visit the Fire Table webpage and view the Key Features video.  Most other manufacturers do not go into this kind of detail when describing their product because they simply are not using "ALL" high quality components that you can expect to get years of use out of.  For example, if any of their components are made out of steel, even if they are powder coated, they will begin to rust as soon as those components take on the slightest nick or scrape.

Fire TablesThe optional glass shield adds a classy touch in addition to keeping the flame a little more stable in breezy conditions. Because most of the tables are made from heavy aluminum, two (not very strong) people can easily lift the table and move it in and out of storage, etc.  It also has nice, simple leveling feet, making it very stable on uneven surfaces.  I invite you to click on one of the pictures to be taken to the website so you can take a look.

Pictures, Please!

We love to see your finished projects.  Always feel free to email pictures to us.  If you have not "Liked" our Facebook page, please do so as we are going to announce a give-away soon. We will ask that you email your project pictures to us (where you have used some of our products). We have not completely decided yet, but perhaps the best give-away will be a credit to use in our e-store.  Certain discounts and contests are only announced on Facebook, so it's a great idea to "Like" the page.  Stay tuned!

Did you know?

Fire pit kitsLast year we added an assortment of CSA-approved, drop-in fire pit kits and they have been a huge hit.  Not only are they super easy to incorporate into a fire pit structure... The CSA approvals take the worry out of running into the possibility of not obtaining the final sign off on your (permitted) project, especially at commercial locations.

If you click on the Facebook link below and Like us on Facebook, you will have access to a monthly discount coupon that is only available to Facebook friends.

Thanks for reading.  See you next time.

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