You doing ok?

Last night's shake was a real rude awakening, and the aftershocks haven't made things any easier.  It's been awful seeing towns cut off, with no power and water, and significant property damage. It will take some time to recover. Our thoughts are with those most affected.
Arohanui to you and your whānau,
The All Right? team

Remember you are not alone. There is FREE help available via the Canterbury Support Line 0800 777 846.


Checking-in and being kind

We’re all reacting in different ways to last night’s quake – some are coping well, others less so. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions so expect those around you to be coping differently.

Please check-in with one another, and take time to think about how you are coping. Remember there will be lots of tired, stressed and upset people around so be even kinder and more patient than usual.

Things you can do 

Helping others and giving your time can make a big difference, whether it’s helping someone with a big clean up job on their hands or spending time talking to someone about how they are doing.

Although it’s difficult, try and keep your routine as normal as you can – especially when around children who will take their lead from you.
Try taking some slow, measured breaths through your nose, and doing physical exercise. And remind yourself that it’s normal to be feeling how you do.

Trouble concentrating?

Our brains react chemically to earthquakes – releasing adrenaline which can cause us to feel shaky, queasy or on-edge. This is the flight or fight response. This adrenaline can also make it hard for us to concentrate.  

This response is our body’s alarm system – it is your body telling you to be alert and ready for action. These emotions are normal but can take time to calm down, especially if the aftershocks continue for some time.

There is free help available...

Don’t be afraid to seek help. You are not alone and free support is available through the Canterbury Support Line (0800 777 846).
The free phone line is open 24/7. When you call this helpline, someone will talk with you and help work out what kind of support you may need.

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