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Ho-ho-hodl, fellow Troopers!

As we near the holidays, we welcome you to the first issue of Troop’s newsletter, In The Loop.

In The Loop represents a monthly round up of the most exciting news regarding all things corporate accountability, shareholder activism, and social innovation.

With each section below, we’ll be including articles and links to content with estimated reading times (we want to make sure you’re mentally prepared for 20-page research reports), as well as emojis to help indicate the medium (hint: if you’re in an office, you’ll probably want headphones for the 📹).

It’s been a wild 2021 full of twists and turns (especially on the corporate front), so buckle up as you read on—we’re betting on 2022 being an even bigger year for the activist investor.

Updates from Troop’s internal team

  • We published Unlocking the Collective Power of Everyday Investors, a thesis laying out Troop’s mission and our short term roadmap.
    Troop Medium (~5 min, 💡)

  • Troop updated our website with a flashy new look and some big words to impress you; be sure to sign up for our mailing list, but shhh! we’re still in stealth mode.
    Troop Website (~∞, 💻)

  • Troop sponsored The Fintech Formal at Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, NY, an event celebrating with enthusiasts in the finance and technology communities—be sure to check out organizer Nik Milanović’s incredible weekly newsletter.
    This Week In Fintech (~N/A, 📥)

Stories uncovering corporate misconduct, hot off the press

  • Amazon, Apple, and Disney are among companies secretly backing anti-climate reform lobbies.
    Guardian (~4 min, ☕️)

  • Mine workers from across Appalachia are protesting outside BlackRock over unfair pay, benefits cuts, and predatory profiteering by Warrior Met Coal, of which the firm is one of the largest shareholders.
    The Intercept (~5 min, 📹)

  • Independent newspapers band together to file antitrust lawsuits against Google and Facebook for "monopolizing the digital ad market".
    Axios (~4 min, ☕️)

Tracking contests for corporate accountability

  • Debate around the SEC's ESG enforcement heats up as regulators open up stronger pathways to disclosures of board diversity, climate change, and stock buybacks.
    Fast Company (~13 min, 📝)

  • Signals in 2021 suggest mandates set by public exchanges and asset management funds bolster a market primed for more boardroom diversity… but is this just the beginning?
    Fortune (~5 min, ☕)

  • Blizzard employees walk out in solidarity as colleagues speak publicly on the gaming company's alleged "frat boy culture detrimental to women".
    Polygon (~5 min, ☕)

Corporate progress towards a better future

  • The business leaders of tomorrow increasingly want roles in ESG which is forcing MBA programs to update their curriculum.
    New York Times (~7 min, 📝)

  • Nike-backed sneaker startup Kizik designs hands-free sneakers, all while making sure that there are enough supply for folks that are differently abled.
    Input (~5 min, ☕️)

  • Aligning deeper with its values that prioritize community, Kickstarter begins plans to invest in research of web3 and the blockchain.
    TechCrunch (~3 min, ☕️)

Educational content to nourish the activist investor

  • Investment firm Collaborative Fund releases an Interactive History of Impact Investing, tying modern ESG strides in the corporate world to chronological events dating back to 1971.
    GOOD (~10 min, 📈)

  • Chris Stokel-Walker interviews thought leaders on what it would take for Amazon to be a "decent company," while expanding the role of business and society.
    Input (~8 min, 📝)

Cursed? Wholesome? Chaotic neutral? Your call.

  • We’re just as concerned about crypto volatility as Brad Sherman of the House Financial Services Committee, but when history looks back at the birth of $MONGOOSE 🌝coin, we’ll all have Mr. Sherman to thank 🙏

That’s it for now, Troopers.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out to us at with any questions, thoughts, concerns, memes, resumes, or whatever’s on your mind. Shoot your shot!

See you in the new year,

🦍The Troop Team 🦍

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